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Getting More Organized to Increase Sales

Being more organized is one of the keys to increase your sales as it will help you to be more efficient, effective, and focused.  From an efficiency standpoint, this will help save time.  Time is money and shaving time here and there by being more efficient will improve productivity and drive positive results.

Being organized can apply to many different areas of a sales person’s job.  Below are some areas where being more organized can have a direct impact on your ability to increase your sales.

Information:  Being more organized in the area of collecting and managing information is key to sales effectiveness.  This is because a typical sales person will receive a tremendous amount of information everyday.  From emails, to administrative documents, to product information, to customer information, it can sometimes be never-ending.

Do you have a process for managing all of this information?  Do you know where to put information so that it is not in your way, but then know how to quickly find it when you need it?  If not, you could be spending time figuring out what to do with stuff and then spending time to find items and this time could be saved by being more organized.  By saving that time and refocusing it back to selling, you could possibly increase your sales.

Not only can managing information better help to save time, but it can also put you in a better position during the sales cycle.  The more information about your prospect that you have, the better positioned you will be when trying to drive and close sales opportunities.  Being more organized can help you to manage and access prospect information, which should have a positive impact on your sales effectiveness.

  What kind of processes are you using?  Do you have repeatable processes that you are using to manage sales and administrative processes?  When you do, you can become more efficient and effective.  Being more efficient can be beneficial when dealing with administrative processes.  Those are tasks that must be done and the quicker you can get through it, the quicker you can get back to selling.

Being more effective is more beneficial when it comes to sales processes as it can be the difference between winning and losing business.   By being organized with sales processes, you can be in more control over the sales cycle leading to a higher close rate and helping you to increase your sales.

Time:  Are you organized in how you manage your day and your time?  Time is money so if you want to increase your sales, being organized with your time can make you more efficient and more successful.


A typically sales person can be responsible for many different tasks.  From working to find new business, taking care existing clients, to dealing with administrative duties, it can be confusing for a sales person to know what to work on and when.  By being more organized with your time and day, you can create time specific for the different areas that you have responsibilities.  This can create more focus which will help to you be more effective in all of the areas that you need to be which should help you to increase your sales.


Launch Pad Solutions, LLC provides sales coaching to help organizations to increase sales and drive revenue.



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This article was published on Monday 09 November, 2009.
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