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The Good News and Bad News Regarding Sales Effort

The great thing about sales effort, and more specifically cold calling, is that it truly is a skill.  And by that, there are a tremendous number of techniques, philosophies, and methodologies that we can adopt to have an immediate impact on our results.  This is good news as this means that we have a great amount of control over our results and our success.  If we want to get better results, in most cases we can invest time and energy in learning and developing this skill and likely see a return on our investment in the form of improved sales performance and increased sales.

Hard Work ≠ Sales Results

There are many jobs where hard work and extra effort will typically lead to some amount of results.  Like digging a ditch, for example.  If we were digging a ditch, regardless of how we positioned our hands on the shovel, or the type of motion and form that we used during the digging stroke, if we worked real hard for a period of time, we would likely see some amount of progress and productivity.  Even if there is a more efficient way or method, the hard work will compensate for poor form and get us some amount of progress toward our goal.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on your point of view, this is not the case with sales effort when working as a sales professional.  In the world of sales, working hard does not always translate into success.  Not to discount the importance of hard work as there can definitely be a correlation between top performers and hard work.  But we can make 100 cold calls everyday and if we use the wrong form and technique, we could actually see zero results from all of that hard work.  Sales is tough and there are simply no points given out for trying real hard while not using the right techniques and processes.

To demonstrate this premise, if we are successful with filling our calendar with meetings with prospects, we would feel and look very busy and productive in terms of sales effort.  Although, if the prospects that we are meeting with are not qualified in terms of having a true need to purchase, having the authority to make a purchase in terms of being the decision maker, or having the ability to make a purchase from a funding standpoint, we could be working hard with prospects and leads that are not qualified in terms of having a real probability of going anywhere.  This means that all of our hard work and busyness might produce very little and our sales results will likely not match the level of effort that we put in.


The Good News

The good news in all of this is that if we use the right techniques and tactics, we can improve both our effectiveness and efficiency.  This means that if we develop our knowledge and skills, not only can we stand to improve the amount of results that we get from the amount of sales effort that we put in, but the we could also create a scenario where we are able to meet and exceed expectations with an average to below average level of effort.


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This article was published on Tuesday 15 November, 2011.
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