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Ignite Social Media to Generate Leads

There are some very clear and practical  things that we can do to ignite social media to have positive impact on our ability to generate leads.


Create Accounts

The very first thing that we need to do when trying to improve our use of social media is to create accounts and profiles on the different social media platforms.  This step may not be necessary as many of us might already have accounts on outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Although, we need to be sure to have both personal and business profiles.


As a first step, do an inventory of your social media profiles and add any that are missing.  Two social media platforms that are often over looked are Youtube and Wikipedia.  These are very social communities and good places to have exposure.


Establish Connections

Once we have all of our accounts and profiles created, we need to work on building our network of connections on each platform to ignite social media.  This basically involves increasing our total number of connections, followers, or friends.  The more people we are connected with, the more likely we will be to generate leads.

One way to go about this is to send requests to everybody you come across on the platforms regardless of whether you know them or not.  One tactic to use here is to try to make your requests more tailored and friendly when possible by sharing that you don’t know each other but you want to connect and give a reason why.  Another thing you can add to this are any things you have in common like mutual contacts, work experience, common interest, etc.



Post Regular Updates

To fully ignite social media, we need to be active from a posting updates standpoint.  These updates can help to let people know that we are out there and help us to stay fresh in peoples mind and this can help to generate leads.


We want people to see our updates and at the same time we do not want to do is annoy the people we are connected with.  To help avoid this, we can focus on four factors:


1.  Timing

We are likely connected with people that are located in different parts of the globe.  In addition, we all have different routines so we are viewing social media at different times of the day.  As a result, we want to post updates at different times of the day so that we can increase our odds of reaching more people.


2.  Frequency

It can help to spread out our post updates, not only to help with reaching more people, but also to minimize the possibility of bugging any of our connections.


3.  Quantity

There is no correct answer for how many posts are too many as each social media platform is different as is the tolerance for each connection.  But we need to figure out what quantity of posts per day makes sense and stick to it.


4.  Content

To ignite social media, we need to be strategic in the content that we share in our updates.  We don’t want to just post updates about ourselves and our products as that is a very self-absorbed approach.  Instead, we want to make the posts primarily about our connections and to do that, we can post updates that inform, help, and entertain our connections.



The power from using social media can really come in when we increase our level of interactions.  This can be accomplished by contributing and communicating inside of groups, commenting and liking update posts, and sending any direct messages when it is appropriate.


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This article was published on Saturday 14 January, 2012.
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