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Improve Displayed Value to Create Attraction

One way to create female attraction is to increase you the level of value that we display.  Displayed value is the level of personal value that others perceive that you have.  This may or may not be the same as level as our true value.  The perceived value is impacted by how we act, what we say, what we do, and how we present ourselves.  When we meet new people, the value that we display and that others perceive that we have can have a large impact on female attraction.

Used Car Analogy
An analogy that can help explain the concept of true value vs. displayed value is that of a used car.  Every used car will have a level of true value and then also displayed value.  The true value is what the car is truly worth in terms of how well it will drive and how long it will last.  This will be impacted by how good the previous driver took care of it and the overall condition and reliability.

The car will also have a level of the displayed value, which is the value that someone will place on the car by looking at it.  This is impacted by the model, mileage, the year, and the cleanliness.   Note that these are the factors that we all use to measure value when we buy a car, but they do not accurately tell us how well the car is going to drive and hold up after being purchased, which is what the car’s true value is.

Just as we typically use displayed value to determine which car to buy, women use displayed value to determine which men to spend time with.  Thus, it is displayed value that has the most impact on female attraction.

This concept of displayed value holds some good and bad news when it comes to female attraction.  The bad news is that women typically look at displayed value primarily and can misread a guy’s true value.  For example, women can often perceive guys to have lower value that they truly have – nice guys, and they can often perceive guys to more value that they truly have – bad boys.

The good news is that we have a tremendous amount of control over the value we display and we can do a lot of minor things to impact whether we display high or low value.  With women looking at displayed value first and foremost, if we pay attention in this area and do the right things, we can impact in the amount of female attraction that we are able to create.  Below are some of the things that will have a direct impact on female attraction.

•    Body language:  more than half of our communication is through our body language.
•    What we say: everything that we say can impact our the level of our value.
•    Tonality: it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
•    Physical appearance: our appearance is important, but this is not just looks.  Fashion, grooming, and fitness play a major roll and we have control over those areas.



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This article was published on Thursday 29 October, 2009.
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