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Improve Financial Stability by Decreasing Food Expenses

When it comes to trying to create more financial stability, the quickest way is to decrease costs.  And depending on your lifestyle, the amount of money spent on food is typically an area that has room to trim fat – no pun intended.


Move the Needle
We all need to eat.  And the typical person will have a diet that consists of some sort of mix of eating at home and eating out of the house.  This proportion of eating out versus eating in is different for each person.  Some people eat out the majority of the time.  Some people eat at home mostly.  And for others it may be half and half.  Where is your needle on the eating out versus eating in meter?

This is important because, if you look at the food that you are purchasing, eating out is very expensive and eating in is fairly economical.  Of course when you eat out, you are getting and paying for other in addition to the food.  You are also paying for someone to prepare the food, paying someone to serve you, and paying for the atmosphere.

The extra things you get and pay for when you go out are important.  It is important to have someone cook for you from time to time.  And it is important to have some nice atmosphere from time to time.  But if you are looking to improve your financial stability, you can use eating out as more of a treat than a daily routine and move the needle more to eating in on the eating out meter.

Grocery Shopping

If you are going to shift your lifestyle to one of eating at home more, effective grocery shopping will be key.  And grocery shopping is not really all that easy.  This is why most people a quick to eat out most of the time.  But if you want to decrease your food costs and have financial stability, you are going to have to consistently stock up on the groceries that you will need to keep you from eating out.

Once you have shifted more toward buying groceries, you can then take a second step by working on where and how you buy your groceries to find additional savings and financial stability.


One of the bigger reasons that people eat out a lot is avoid cooking.  And people avoid cooking for three main reasons 1) they don’t have the time, 2) they don’t know how, and 3) they are lazy.  If you are serious about creating more financial stability and you want to decrease food costs to do this, then you should be able to resolve any of these reasons for not cooking.  Find the time, learn how, and just do it.  To ensure adoption with cooking, try starting with easy recipes and repeat those until you reach a level of mastery and then work in new and more complex recipes.


If cooking is new to you, you may need to make invest in new equipment for cooking and storing food.  This sounds like a minor step but it is fairly important to effectively shift to eating at home more.  Even if you spend money to buy new equipment, the return on investment can be justified if it helps you to eat at home more and improve your financial stability in the long run.


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This article was published on Wednesday 11 November, 2009.
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