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Improving Our Personal Value to Affect Attraction

When it comes trying to create and maintain female attraction, it is important to improve our level of personal value.  Our personal value includes two components – our true value and our displayed value.
Increasing Our Displayed Value
Displayed value is the level of value that you display which has an impact on the value that someone perceives that you have.  This is one of the first things that people look at when figuring somebody out and this can have a large impact on initial female attraction.  With that being the case, being able to improve and increase the level of personal value that we display can have positive impacts on the level of attraction that we are able to create.

Below are four key areas to work on to display high value.

Body language:  Over half of the way we communicate to other people is through our body language.  We spend a lot of time thinking about what to say with our words, but it is really figuring out how to communicate with one’s body that can help in the area of creating female attraction.
Tonality:  The second largest way that we communicate is through our tonality, or how we say something in terms of tone and volume.  This is in line with the proverb that says, “It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.”
What we say:  Everything that we say and don’t say can have an impact on the level value that we display.   By having a good understanding of the concept of value and difference between high and low value, one can then adjust and tweak comments, questions, and reactions to improve the level of value that is displayed.
How we interact with others:  How we interact with others will display a lot of details of our level of value.  Do we talk easily with others that are around you?  Do others respond well to us?  Do people seem to like us?  The answers to these can be displayed by watching how someone interacts with others and will give clues to someone’s level of value.
Increasing Our True Value
While displayed value should be the top priority when trying to create female attraction, it is also very important to improve our level of true value.  If we only work on improving the value we display and do not put any attention to our level of true value, we can run into some challenges when we try to establish new relationships.

For example, if we have done a good job to display high value to create female attraction, but have not done a good job to establish true high value, the connection is likely to fizzle when we try to establish rapport as the woman can perceive our true value is not congruent with the value that we displayed.

We can improve our true value by finding ways to improve ourselves inside and out.  Below are some examples of ways to accomplished this:
Physical fitness:  Improve your level of fitness and healthiness by adding exercise and diet improvements to your life.
Grow mentally:  Improve your intellect and areas of knowledge by reading and taking classes.  This could be in areas related to your hobbies, interests, or profession.
Career:  In some ways, we are what we do.  Improve yourself by improving what you do.  This could involve transitioning to a new career or working toward growth in the same direction.

Finances:  Financial stability can be tied to level of true value.  Making short and long-term improvements that drive toward stability can improve your level of true value.
Taking steps in any of the areas outlined can have a positive impact on ones level of personal value.  This cannot only help to create female attraction in new relationships; it can also help to maintain attraction in established relationships.



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This article was published on Thursday 29 October, 2009.
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