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Improving Time Management to Drive Sales Effectiveness

As a sales person, it can be challenging to effectively manage time.  The work can often be fairly autonomous and independent leaving it up to the individual to make good decisions and be disciplined.  In addition, in order for sales effectiveness, a sales person will need to take care of many different types of tasks throughout the day and throughout the week.  Adding complexity is the fact that their goals and objectives have a very long-term focus as they are more structured around annual, quarterly, and monthly targets.  With all that being factored in, it is critical for a sale person to have good time management skills and below are some ways to drive effectiveness in this area.

Adding Structure to the Week

A typical sales professional will be responsible for a lot of different tasks.  They are likely responsible for finding new clients, taking care of existing clients, communicating with management and teammates, administrative tasks, training, market research, etc.  If we try to do all of these tasks and the same time and bounce back and forth, not only will we not be very effective at any of the tasks individually, but it will be very easy to feel overwhelmed.

An alternative way to go is to improve the level of structure to the week dividing up and allocating time for each of the different areas.  For example, setting Monday as administrative, training, and research day can help you to get all of those items out of the way so that you can focus the rest of the week on selling.

Decreasing Multitasking

For sales effectiveness, it can help to decrease the level of multitasking.  While it is critical to be able to juggle many things as a sales person, when you are focused on one particular area of responsibility, it can be tremendously helpful to actually decrease the level of multitasking.  For example, if it is the time of the week to be making cold calls, it can be very helpful to focus on that task and nothing else.  To help with this, it can be good to turn off all other distractions by shutting down email, internet, cellphone, etc.



Creating a Focus for the Day

In most sales positions, a sales person is either assigned a list of accounts, a geographic area, or both. Since this assignment is usually aligned with an annual quota, it will probably be sizable in terms of magnitude.  With that being the case, when we are working our assigned area looking for business or prospecting, it can be very helpful to create an area to focus on for the day.  This could be a set of accounts, a city or area, a particular task, etc.  By establishing the focus for the day, you can better position yourself to tune out the other noise and distraction and make progress toward sales effectiveness.

Tracking Progress

If we played a game and did not keep score, how would we know how well we were doing?  Without know our progress and level of performance in the game, it is difficult to know where and what we need to improve.  If we work the day and the week without tracking progress in terms of activity and progress, it is like playing a game without keeping score.  Thus, by keeping track of minor activities and details, we can better self-manage to stay on track toward achieving sales effectiveness.


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This article was published on Sunday 24 October, 2010.
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