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Improving Your Mind to Improve Cold Calling Results

There are many things that we can do to improve cold calling results.  We can always work on what we say and what we ask in by improving our cold call script.  But one area that we often overlook and can focus on to drive improvements is looking internally and working on our mind.

Believe in What You Sell

When making cold calls, it is critical to have confidence.  Not only will this help to defuse any cold calling anxiety, but it will also help in how you present yourself with what you say and how you sound over the phone.

One of the key ways to improving your level of confidence is to truly believe in what you are selling in terms of the value that you offer your prospects and clients. There must be some way that your company helps the businesses that purchase from you and it can help to fully understand and believe in this value proposition.

When you focus on not losing sight of the value proposition while on the phone, you can begin to shift from thinking and feeling like you are asking for help to calling to offer help.  If you have this mindset, you will shift from a frame where you are calling trying to get prospects to help you by buying from you and this can have an immediate impact on cold calling results.

Create Focus

Life as a sales person can be very hectic.  And with that being the case, we can usually always find something else to do before cold calling.  We might know that we need to make some calls but we don’t really want to so we clean out some emails, work on some existing prospects, take care of some admin work, etc.  This can be called being “productively unproductive”.

One way to make sure that we get in a good amount of cold calling for the week is to establish focus where we prepare our schedule and our mind for cold calling.  To accomplish this, it can help drive cold calling results by creating time where you can completely focus on cold calling and tune out all of the other distractions and responsibilities.





Understand the Prospect

It can be easy for us to get upset with prospects when they are not warm to our call and this can make us frustrated with our job or doubt what we have to sell.  But if we stop to understand the prospect in terms of where their mind is at, we can start to realize that the reason they do not take our call could be that they are busy, they get a lot of sales calls, or maybe they are simple not the right fit for what we are calling about.  Having a good understanding of the prospect can help to improve cold calling results.

Establish Momentum

When it comes to where your mind is at while cold calling, there is definitely something to be said for a factor of momentum.  Evidence of this is that the first few cold calls of the day can be difficult to sometimes make in terms of getting going.  It is almost like we need to get warmed up and once we do we can establish some sort of momentum.

To improve cold calling results, it can help to not only establish momentum, but also to harness and take advantage of momentum once you have it.  It can help to have some steps or activities to get warmed up when it is time to make calls by either calling some friendly contacts or maybe calling at lower levels of the organizations.  And once you get in a groove, capitalize on that energy by getting in as many calls as you can.

Launch Pad Solutions helps drive results through cold calling services.

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This article was published on Saturday 04 June, 2011.
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