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Improving Your Voice When Cold Calling for Sales

When selling over the phone, the only methods that we have to communicate are the words we say and the voice we use.  With that being the case, it is critical for us to focus on having the best voice and tonality possible when cold calling for sales.

Below are some very practical sales tips for improving your voice and tonality while making cold calls:


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

What people do not realize is that our internal feelings and moods are very easily displayed to others through our tonality when we speak.  With that being the case, you can often listen to the way somebody says something and pick up on how they feel at that particular time.

Applying this to cold calling, if you are nervous, unhappy, or don’t feel like making phone calls, it can likely be heard on the other end of the phone and this could establish a poor start to a cold call.  On the flip side of this, if you are excited about what you are doing and thoroughly enjoy it, that feeling will be communicated through your voice while talking over the phone and this can have a very positive impact when cold calling for sales.

But how often do we really get thrilled about or enjoy making cold calls?  One trick to use here is to actually grin or smile while talking on the phone.  This simple body language change will actually make you sound happier and more friendly over the phone.





Effectively Displaying Confidence

When cold calling for sales, it can be very helpful to sound confident in your voice.  It is very understandable for us to not be confident when selling over the phone as the person on the other end in some ways has more power since they can ultimately chose whether to talk with us or not.  Although, if we truly believe in our products, our company, and our value statement, then we should be able to carry ourselves with a level of confidence and communicate that through our voice.


One tactic to help with this is to have some sales affirmations that outline the ways that we help other business, why other business buy from us, why potential prospects should want to talk with us.  By having this documented somewhere so that we are knowledgeable about this and can refer to it from time to time, we can improve our level of confidence.


Communicating with Curiosity

This sales tip will conflict a little with the displaying confidence tip as we can sometimes communicate with a tonality that has a bit of curiosity while cold calling for sales.  This can be a frame or tone that expresses to the prospect that we don’t know exactly whom we need to talk to or if we can help them.  By doing this, we can present ourselves as friendly and needing help vs. being an aggressive sales person trying to sell something.

An example of this is by telling the gatekeeper that you usually work with people in the finance department but are not sure who you need to connect with and then asking if they can point you in the right direction.  Having a curious tone and voice with this approach will improve results getting around the gatekeeper.


Launch Pad Solutions helps sales professionals to improve through a cold call script development tool.



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This article was published on Friday 20 May, 2011.
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