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How to Increase Company Sales

Just about every business is focused on how to increase company sales. Every situation is different but there are some key things where attention, time, and investment can be placed to drive positive results.

1. Improve focus on the target prospects

Some businesses and sales people can fall into a trap of trying to sell to everybody. While that attitude can be admirable, there is some downside to it because time is your most limited and valuable resource.

In order to increase sales, you must do two things. First, you need to decrease the amount of time that you spend with prospects that don’t fit well and don’t have a good chance of making a purchase. And second, you need to increase the time you spend with prospects that are very high quality in terms of fit and potential to move forward.

To help with these two things, you can spend time clearly identify what ideal prospects look like in terms of geography, size, title, department, environment, etc. Once you have that mapped out, do everything you can to try to spend your valuable time with these prospects.

2. Improve sales messaging

It can always be productive to look at sales messaging when working on how to increase company sales. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what is correct or best in terms of messaging because every conversation is unique and it can vary greatly depending on what you sell.

But there are quick things that you can do right away to improve your messaging. First, it can be common to fall into a trap of having sales messaging that is focused on products and features and more about you than the prospect. You can shift this to focus more on the prospect, their needs, and how you can help. Secondly, you can ensure that the messaging is primarily centered around business value as this is what prospects care primarily about and are also thinking about how to increase company sales.


3. Increase number of prospect interactions

This in not going to be a revolutionary thought, but in order to increase sales, you must increase the number of prospect interactions and conversations. What can be revolutionary is how to achieve improvements in this area.

There are multiple ways to improve this area and those can include professional networking, search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click advertising, and cold calling.

4. Develop, motivate, and retain sales resources

When trying to figure out how to increase company sales, one of the most important areas to focus is on the sales resources that you have. You could just give them a quota and a territory and see if they make it and if they don’t let them go. The challenge with that approach is that sales staff turnover can be very costly.

Another approach can be to use sales training and sales coaching to develop your resources. You can build quality compensation plans that motivate a team to perform the right type of activity. And by doing those two things and creating a positive environment, you will stand to have better retention of sales resources.



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This article was published on Thursday 31 May, 2012.
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