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How to Increase Leads

Just about every business and sales person has a clear interest to increase leads. The good news is that the power is in you to make that happen as there are clear things that you can do to increase your leads. It may not be an overnight fix or easy to do, but if you are determined to increase results and open to putting in effort, you can improve and impact the path forward.


Clearly Define Your Core Value

One step that is often skipped when working on lead generation is to stop and clearly define the core value that you offer your clients. When defining your core value, focus on identifying both the technical and business benefits that you help to deliver.


Clearly Identify Your Target Prospect

Time is limited so to improve results with producing leads, you must find a way to spend more of your time with the right prospects. Spending time with prospects that fit well with your products and services in terms of both needs and ability to purchase will help to increase leads.


Qualify Prospects

To make sure it makes sense to meet with prospects, you can increase your focus on qualifying prospects. We could just go around and try to sell to everybody, but this could lead to time wasted as not everybody will fit our target prospect description.


Once we have defined the target or ideal prospect, we can then identify what types of qualifying questions we need to ask to improve our ability to qualify prospects.



Increase Target Prospect Interactions

One key factor that can help to increase leads is to increase the number of interactions with target prospects. Finding and getting time with target prospects is not easy, but the more time spent with cold calling, networking, email marketing, social media, and search engine optimization will have a positive impact on the quantity of interactions.


Improve Sales Messaging

There is usually always room for improvement in terms of sales messaging. Go back to what was found when looking at the core value that you offer. Is this include in the current sales messaging? One thing that can often be done is to shift sales messaging from products and features to being more centered around benefits and value.


Maximize Meetings

When you are meeting with prospects, is there a structure to your meetings and your line of questions? This is valuable time and to increase leads, we must get as much out of each meeting and discussion as possible.


Using some logic in terms of questions to qualify and find pain and then statements to build interest and credibility can have direct impact on lead generation.


Build Rapport

At the end of the day, being able to build rapport with prospects will have a direct impact on the ability to create leads. This is because when there is a level of rapport, not only will prospects be more available to meet and talk, but they will also be more responsive and open with sharing information.



Launch Pad Solutions provides sales consulting helping businesses to increase leads.



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This article was published on Saturday 16 June, 2012.
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