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How to Increase Your Selling Activities

The level of your selling activities can have a direct impact on the level of your sales results. The good news is that there are clear things that you can do to improve the volume in this area.

Compartmentalize Your Work Week

The biggest thing that can appear to stand in the way of selling is that there is not enough time. There is often so much to do, and as a result, it can be easy to feel like there is not enough time in the day and in the week.

The reality is that there is not only a lot of work to do, there are also a lot of different types of tasks that need to be completed. Not only are you responsible for finding new business, but you might also be responsible for managing and taking care of existing clients, taking care of administrative tasks, as well as attending recurring sales training. And if you don’t properly balance all of these different areas, there can often be a negative hit on your activity levels.

One thing that can be helpful is to compartmentalize your week to create different compartments, or segments, and then you can focus dedicate time for each of the areas that you have responsibilities. When you do this, you can have one of the compartments dedicated for selling activities and this can help to make sure you are getting in the right amount of activity per week.


Improve Your Mental Frame of Mind

One of the biggest ways to increase selling activities is to improve your mental frame of mind. Due to frequent sales rejection and the common pressure that comes from needing to deliver results, sales can be one of the most challenging professions from a mental standpoint.  If your mental frame of mind is not strong or if you experience some sort of cold call anxiety, this can have a negative impact on your level of sales activity.

Whether you realize it or not, you can be talking yourself out of performing some of your proactive sales activities. You might consciously do this by procrastinating on doing some of the work. Or you may do this subconsciously by finding other work to do instead of working on outbound sales.

Whatever the case, if you focus on improving your mental state of mind, you will likely improve your ability to handle the pressure and mental challenges that comes with sales. Here are some quick things that you can do to improve strengthen yourself in this area to increase selling activities.

  • Prepare a script: Knowing what to say can greatly improve confidence and results
  • Prepare for objections: Preparing for objections can not only improve interactions, but will also improve confidence
  • Value awareness: Become more aware of the value that you, your products, and your company have to offer
  • Sales training: Invest in sales training to increase your knowledge and skills
  • Sales coaching: work with a sales coach to improve your path and help you to continue to develop
  • Reflection: Reflect back on interactions to learn from them to identify what can be done better moving forward

Launch Pad Solutions provides sales coaching helping sales pros to increase selling activities.


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This article was published on Saturday 09 June, 2012.
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