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The Key Ingredient in a Cold Call Script – Value Statement

When working on a cold call script, it can be difficult to figure out what to include and what to leave out.  What makes this more difficult is that you likely have a lot that you want to say and ask and you have a very brief amount of time to do it.  With that being the case, one of the most important thing to include in a cold calling script is a value statement.

What is a Value Statement

A value statement is one or two sentences that summarize the value that you and your company deliver to your clients.  This is basically a brief explanation of why your current clients are doing business with you why a prospect might want to consider doing business with you.  The goal is to say something that quickly gets the prospect’s attention and makes them feel that it is worth their time to spend the next two to five minutes talking with you.

What is not a Value Statement

Whether they realize it or not, most cold callers automatically add in some sort of value statement to their cold calling script.  Although, one of the most common challenges with the value statements that are used is that they are more of a company introduction statement.

For example, “We provide the most advanced office printers on the market” is not a value statement.  This is a statement around what the company sells and states how the sales person perceives their products match up with the competition, but it does nothing in the area of telling the prospect the benefit they stand to gain by doing business with the cold caller.

What makes a Good Value Statement

In a cold call script, a good value statement is as brief and powerful as possible.  It could be as short as one sentence but should be no more than three sentences.  If you are not able to communicate your complete message in that short of time, you need to find some sort of way to abbreviate the message and save the explanation for later in the cold call or first conversation.

To make a cold call script powerful, the value statement should revolve around the key benefit that the prospect could anticipate by becoming a client.  These benefits can typically be related to either increasing revenue, decreasing costs, or a mix of both.  Sharing past results that mention other clients and are quantifiable in terms of percentages or actual figures can help to get a prospect’s attention.





When to use the Value Statement

The value statement should be as the very beginning of the cold call script.  The flow should be to open with a brief introduction with the cold callers name and company, then confirm they are available, and then hit them with the value statement.

For example, “Hello this is Maria, I am with XYZ corporation.  Have I caught you in the middle of anything? Purpose for my call is that we recently worked with TrimCom and helped them to decrease inventory costs by 18%.”


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This article was published on Saturday 12 February, 2011.
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