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Is learning sales possible?

Many people may disagree whether learning sales and how to be a good sales person is possible.  This is because some believe that you are either born to be a sales person or you are not. And if you are not, you cannot be a successful sales person. Let’s dig a little deeper into this.

Sales Myth – You are born a sales person

One of the reasons why sales managers and business owners think that you are born to be a sales person is that they believe that you have to have a particular type of personality to be able to sell. And that you need to be talkative and have the “gift of gab” to have any chance.

While this can be debated with many taking either side, the reality is that a sales person can be very successful with many different personality styles. Now, it is true that in order to good at selling, a sales person will need to be somewhat outgoing and need to be able to communicate on a professional level.

But someone does not need to be the loudest person in the room in order to meet those two requirements – outgoing and able to communicate.

The Challenge with Believing that Sales People are Born

With a lot of sales managers taking the side of the debate that sales people are born, you have many out there that are not fully embracing that learning sales is possible.

When this happens, you have sales managers that interview job applicants and they assess their personality and how talkative they are. If the applicant passes the personality test and gets labeled as a natural sales person, the sales person can often then be thrown into a territory with a bag of products and a quota and expected to make it happen.

As many sales managers will likely relate to this, this can often lead to many sales people not performing as well as they were expected to. “I don’t understand it. He seemed like he was going to be so great.”