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Keys to Maintaining Sales Effectiveness While Working from Home

It is becoming more common than ever for sales people to work virtually from a home office.  And there are many pros and cons that come with that arrangement as with it comes a tremendous amount of freedom and autonomy, but also includes a lot of solitude and requirements for self-management.  With self-management actually being a big factor in working virtually, there are some key things that we can do to improve the way we stay focused to drive results and maintain sales effectivenessand those are outlined below.

Starting the Day at the Same Time

When working from a home office, the more you are able to get into a routine, the more successful you will be.  One way to help build out consistency in terms of a schedule or routine is to start your day at same time in terms of the time you wake up and the time that you start working.

Even though you have ultimate control over what time you need to start your day and you might not have any particular appointments or meetings, it can help to set a time or schedule for the first part of the morning that you try to work against.  By establishing this routine, it can create more focus and discipline, which can help as you try to self-manage yourself driving additional sales effectiveness.

Improving the Mindset

One of the temptations with working from a home office is to roll out of bed and work in your pajamas all day.  And while it is very possible to do this and still have a productive day, it can be very helpful to wake up and get ready for the day as though you were leaving your home office to go somewhere in terms of your dress and appearance.

By getting up at the same time and then getting ready with activities like taking a shower and getting dressed, we can create a much more focused and motivated mindset.  The job of self-management never ends when we work from home and this will be easier when we are dressed and ready to start the day and this will help to drive sales effectiveness.

Repurposing Commute Time

One of the key benefits to working from home is the elimination of a daily commute.  This equals a tremendous amount of time and expense savings.  One thing that will drive sales effectiveness is to wisely using the time that is saved due to the home office arrangement.

Without the commute, we can either sleep a little later in the morning and we can start our relaxation time in the evening a little earlier.  Or, we can repurpose the time saved and refocus it back toward using as productive work time.  For example, if the commute is 45 minutes each way on average, we can have a mindset that assumes we have an advantage by being able to work an extra hour and a half per day that we normally would have to spend in transit.



Adding Structure to the Calendar

The day in the life for a sales person can be hectic regardless of where our office is.  But when we work from home, this can become even more of a challenge as it is more up to us in terms of how we manage our time.

One way to help with this is by adding some level of structure to the week and day.  You can break down and organize some of your tasks into categories like: prospecting, administrative, training, research, etc.  You can then assign part of your week to those activities and this can help to drive sales effectiveness.



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This article was published on Saturday 16 April, 2011.
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