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Keys to Powerful Sales Messages

Having powerful sales messages can be the difference that leads to success. If you are able to grab the prospect’s attention and effectively communicate how you can help, you can improve your level of lead generation. And by having more leads, you should see positive improvements in overall sales growth.

Focus on Your Value

It can be very common for sales people to talk a lot about their products and all the great things that the products can do. This is very understandable as that is usually the area that they usually have had the most training and also where they feel the most comfortable.

But the challenge with this is that the most important thing for the prospect is “What is in it for me?” and talking about products and features does not really help answer this question. It is how the products help the prospect where we begin to get in the area of answering the prospect’s main question.

The value that you offer is how your products help and what they help your prospects to achieve. When developing your sales messages, focus on the points more than the actual products.

Focus on Your Prospect’s Pain

When trying to generate leads, it is important to focus on the pain your prospect is having. This is important for a couple of reasons.

First, focusing on the area that your prospect is having challenges will be one of the best ways to grab their attention. Secondly, if your prospect does not have any pain, then it might not make sense for you to try to sell to them.

One important note here is that, while it is good to talk with the prospect about the areas that they are having pain, you really want to try to focus your sales messages on the areas of pain that you can help to resolve.

How this can be applied is to include the pain points that you help to resolve in your emails, call scripts, voicemail messages, objection responses, and more.

Build Good Qualifying Questions

When you think about sales messages, it can be common to primarily think about what we say about ourselves. But an important part of this is the questions that we ask. In many ways, the questions asked are more important and more powerful than anything else that we say as they get the prospect talking and that will help us to extract valuable information.

The key to developing good qualifying questions is to compose questions that determine if the prospect needs what you have to offer. Do they have pain in the areas that you help to resolve?

Prepare for Objections

Objections are what the prospect says to try to stop conversations. These are actually the prospect’s messaging. But how you respond to objections should be a key part of your sales messaging.

If you simply list out the objections that you can anticipate running into, you can then compose the responses that have the best chance of keeping conversations going.



Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales messaging tool that helps sales pros to develop sales messages.



This article was published on Saturday 04 May, 2013.
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