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Keys that Lead to Successful Salespeople

Working in sales might sometimes seem like you have to be more lucky than good, but reality is that there are key factors that can lead to successful salespeople.

1. Work ethic

Success begins in one place and that is working hard and putting in effort. This is not a revolutionary point to make, but definitely one of the boxes to check when trying to identify what needs or can be done in order to be successful.

2. Sales activity

One way to make sure that your work ethic is where it needs to be is to track your sales activity and strive to reach activity targets. Not only should you monitor and put in the hours per day, but also strive to get in the needed amount of cold calls and scheduled appointments with target prospects.

3. Routine

One way to ensure that you are getting in the right amount of activity is to establish some sort of routine. This can not only involve starting and finishing your day around the same time during the week, but also compartmentalizing your schedule so that you separate different responsibilities and have scheduled time throughout the week to work on them.

4. Ability to learn

One key that separates successful salespeople from the rest is the ability to learn. This is because there is such a tremendous amount of knowledge and information that you must grasp to be able to master your position. You will likely need to learn about your products, your company, sales processes, sales methodologies, your prospects, the industries that you work in and sell into, your competition, etc.


5. Sales training

With learning being critical for successful salespeople, there should always be a place for sales training. Not only should sales training be embraced when starting a new role or position, but it should be used as an ongoing piece of your continued development.

If the company you work for does not provide enough sales training, there are plenty of options available for investing and developing in yourself. There are plenty of sales books out there that have great sales knowledge that you can extract and there are many different web-based sales training options available.

6. Sales coaching

A great complement to sales training can often be sales coaching. This differs from sales training in that it is less about transferring knowledge and information and more focused on identifying challenges and opportunities, making plans for growth, and tracking progress.

If you do not have access to a real sales coach, there are other options available like a manager or senior salesperson at the company that you work for. You could go to these individuals as a sounding board on a recurring basis to help you get to the next level.

7. Being organized

One of the most important keys to successful salespeople is being organized. Being a salesperson can be very hectic and fast paced and there is also a tremendous amount of information that needs to be managed.

By being more organized, a salesperson will be much better positioned to be both efficient and effective and this can clearly have a positive impact on sales results. Things to focus on are management of your calendar, management of customer information, and effective management of your sales pipeline.


Launch Pad Solutions provides sales coaching helping to create successful salespeople.

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This article was published on Saturday 26 May, 2012.
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