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Knowing When Someone is Interested

When looking for new relationships or trying to meet new people, how do you know when someone is interested?  This is very important as everything you do and everything you say should be calibrated according to the level of interest the other person has for you.  Of course the most accurate way to identify interest is by verbal confirmation, but that is not the best way to go as it communicates too much interest on your side and could make things awkward.  The better way to go is to learn the skill of being able to detect the subtle indicators of interest.

Indicators of interest are the subtle clues that someone gives to you that they are interested in you.  They could be a simple as a smile, eye contact, a question, etc.   Below is a list of things that if they happen with someone that you are interacting with, you should consider it to possibly be an indicator of interest.

•    Eye contact
•    Smile
•    Someone asks your name while in a conversation
•    Someone is asking you a lot of questions in a conversation
•    Someone slightly touches you in a conversation
•    Someone you don’t know randomly starts a conversation with you
•    Someone is very responsive to your calls and messages
•    Someone gives you a compliment
•    Someone gives you very positive body language
•    Someone asks you to go do something
•    Someone buys you something


Those are just a few examples and note that these are possibly indicators of interest.  One by itself is not a confirmation so the way around that is to identify them when they occur and wait till you recognize that a few have happened.  If you see a pattern, you can then have a good idea that the other person has a level of interest in you.

Being able to identify and track indicators of interest is important because it will provide you with a gauge telling you what you should do and when.  Imagine driving a car with out a speedometer.  It is likely that you would end up frequently driving too fast and driving too slow.  But with the speedometer, you have something to look to to determine whether it is time to speed up or time to slow down.

That is what the indicators of interest provide.  They tell you when it is time to speed up or slow down when it comes to social situations.  Without being able to identify indicators of interest and remembering when they occurred, you could find yourself driving 60 miles an hour through a school zone, or possibly driving 20 miles an hour on a freeway.  The translation is that this could help prevent you from chasing someone that is not interested, being to aggressive too early, or being to not making a move when you should.

Being able to be aware of indicators of interest can not only help you understand what other people are thinking and doing, but it can also help you to identify and control what you are doing.  In the early stages of a relationships and in social situations, it can help to meter and calibrate the level of interest that you show.  Knowledge in this area will help you to tweak your behavior so that you show just the right amount of interest.

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This article was published on Saturday 05 December, 2009.
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