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Launch Pad Solutions Gets the Winds Blowing for Electron Storm

Point A – The Background
Electron Storm, founded by Justin Hedge, is a company that provides and sells a mix of network marketing and technical services.  At the time that Launch Pad Solutions first met with Justin Hedge to discuss his business, Justin had implemented some great ideas and technology and had some good momentum going.  From a target market perspective, Justin had identified that Electron Storm’s products delivered a great return on investment for real estate agents, so he produced a list of 2,000 agents and hired a team of five junior-level sales people to cold call against the list to generate demand for his business.

Justin is a true entrepreneur and did a great job getting his business together from a systems, human resources, and legal perspective.  Where there appeared to be a gap was in the area of sales as Justin has never worked directly in a sales role during his career and this is what brought him to Launch Pad Solutions.

Point B – Working With Launch Pad Solutions 
Launch Pad Solutions provided the following services to Electron Storm to help it get to the next level:

Sales Consulting
During the initial discovery with Electron Storm, Launch Pad Solutions mapped out the existing sales tools, messaging, and processes and there were some pieces in place like a cold calling script, an email template, and a great video.  Launch Pad Solutions worked with Electron Storm to fine tune the messaging, define and improve the process, and build out additional tools that would help to drive the best results.  Examples of tools produced were an objections map, pricing tool, discount program, employee development program, email drip campaign, and a return on investment tool.  As the tools were being produced, an end-to-end sales process was developed and put in place as well.

Sales Training

Once all of the development of tools and processes was complete, it was time to train the sales resources.  Launch Pad Solutions helped with this through group and one-on-one training sessions.  Not only did the training sessions educate the sales resources on new tools and processes, but there was a focus on sales methodologies and techniques as well.

Sales Coaching
Once the consulting, development, and training were complete, it was time to set the newly armed sales resources off to do their job.  To support the improvements and investments made, Launch Pad Solutions provided one-on-one coaching sessions with each sales resource and these recurred on a bi-monthly basis.  During these sessions, the coach worked to ensure that the new messaging and tools were being used and then helped the sales resource to work through any challenges that were standing between them and sales excellence.

Point C – The Results
After working with Launch Pad Solutions for three months, Electron Storm was able to take its business to the next level.   Not only were its messaging and processes tighter and more streamlined, but its sales resources were more armed with both better tools and more knowledge.  This translated into an increase of 4x for the amount of qualified leads that were being produced and an increase in top line revenue of 20%.

This article was published on Monday 29 November, 2010.
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