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The Lead Generation Three-Legged Stool

For just about every business, successful execution with the lead generation process can have a direct impact on the success of the business.  And while there is not an exact formula that can be used to guarantee results, there is a model that can be implemented to create the best position for results and this is a concept of a lead gen three-legged stool.


A three legged stool concept is one that has three components so that if one aspect is off or not working well, you have two other components to ensure success.  Below are the three components for effective lead generation.


Cold Calling

Some people will say that cold calling is a thing of the past and something that does not work anymore.  And yes, times have changed and now there are new forms of technology which both help the sales person connect in different ways and also help prospects to screen out sales people.  But even with that being factored in, there is still tremendous power in live conversations that take place over the phone and when done right, cold calling can still be an effective piece of a larger lead generation strategy.


In order for cold calling to be successful, key things can be done to improve results.  If we build a strategy that focuses on the right target market, if we are able to effectively communicate the value that we offer, and if we have a script and approach that is respectful and does not trigger the prospect’s guard, then we can invest time and resource on the activity of cold calling and positively impact lead generation results.



Search Engine Optimization

Not only do we want to have outbound lead gen activity, but we also want to have inbound activity to create a bidirectional lead generation process.  The key way to create an inbound flow of leads where prospects are calling you is to invest in the area of search engine optimization, or SEO for short.  SEO is the method of performing certain actions that make your website favorable in the eyes of the search engines so that they send targeted web traffic to you.


Professional Networking

The third leg of the three-legged stool is professional networking.  This refers to personally connecting with prospects and potential referral partners for the purpose of growing your network.  When done right, this is actually one of the more powerful and immediate ways to generate leads.

With advancements in technology, we now have two different ways to network professionally.  We can always network in person by going to events and getting involved in different groups and associations.  But now we can also do a tremendous amount of networking virtually through social media.  To make this third leg of lead gen strong, it would be best to invest time in both forms of professional networking.


Individually, nothing too revolutionary when we talk about each leg by itself.  But the power comes from investing time and resources into each leg at the same time.  With good execution, results could be a strong overall lead generation project with leads coming in from different directions.

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This article was published on Sunday 24 July, 2011.
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