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How to Make Outbound Calls

Figuring out how to make outbound calls when working in a sales roles can tremendously improve the probability for success.  Here are six steps to help any sales person with improving in this area regardless of skill level and experience.


1.    Focus on your core value

The very first step in improving outbound sales is to clearly identify the core value that you have to offer the prospects you will be calling.  This is the business value that transfers from you to your clients when they purchase your products or services.

Not only is this important as it should likely feed into your script and objections responses, but having a clear awareness around the value that you have to offer can also improve your mental state while cold calling.  This is because we can easily have a needy frame of mind when calling because of all the pressure to close deals.  But when we focus on the value that we deliver, we can transition from neediness to confidence.


2.    Identify the ideal prospect

It is very important to clearly identify what your ideal prospect looks like.  We cannot and should not try to sell to everybody as there is likely a segment of the market that fits better than others.  By identifying what this segment looks like in terms of geography, size, industry, and contact title can help to create a laser focus for the prospects that you should spend your valuable time on when figuring out how to make outbound calls.




3.    Identify differentiation

Regardless of what you sell, you will face competition.  Even if there is no direct competition in the market or in the actual deal that you are working on, you still compete against the prospect’s option to do nothing.  Figuring out how you differ from the competition is a key step when looking into how to make outbound calls.


4.    Develop a call script

During outbound sales, we could just wing it on every call and just say what comes to our mind at the time.  Or we can develop some sort of cold call script or plan.  This could be as detailed as a script that we read word for word or it could be something that is more of an outline with key points.  Either way, having a document that has your thoughts organized can greatly improve your probability for successful calls.

5.    Prepare for objections

You are guaranteed to run up against objections on every cold call.  These are statements that the prospect will make to try to end the call.  The better we are prepared to deal with these, the more success that we will have when improving our knowledge around how to make outbound calls.


6.    Reflect back to improve moving forward

One of the most important steps to improve outbound calling actually takes place after the call as it involves reflecting back after a call ends to evaluate what took place to improve moving forward.  You can look back at questions that could have been asked, look back at objections that the prospect delivered, and identify what could have been done better.  Going through this routine after each call can greatly improve your success on future calls.





Launch Pad Solutions provides sales scripts helping individuals to figure out how to make outbound calls.



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This article was published on Sunday 01 January, 2012.
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