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Making Your Phone Script More Powerful

There are some very simple and clear things that you can do to make your phone script more powerful.

1. Confirm availability

At the beginning of your telephone script, you can include some language that confirms that the prospect is available to talk to you for at least a couple of minutes. Confirming that the prospect is available can not only position you for a better sales call, it can also help you to take a step forward in building rapport with the prospect.

It is OK and probably best to assume that the prospect is busy when you call them. But what you want to identify is whether they at a normal level of busyness or if they are crazy busy. Crazy would be when the prospect is in the middle of a meeting, fighting a fire, on the other line, etc. If they are crazy busy, it is likely not going to be a good time for you to try to progress forward through your phone script.

2. Communicate value

It can be common to spend most of our time talking with prospects about our products and services and leave out the details around how those products and services help our clients. Those details are essentially the value that we offer and developing our phone scripts so that we talk more about our value than our products can lead to a more powerful impressions and conversations.

3. Ask qualifying questions

Your time is one of the most valuable resources that you have. Unfortunately, you cannot buy more time when you run out or add more to the hours to the day. As a result, you want to decrease the time that you spend with prospects that have a low probability of purchasing anything and asking qualifying questions in your phone script can help with that.

Asking qualifying questions will also help to make cold calls more engaging by getting the prospect talking more instead of having a very one-way conversation with the sales person doing all of the talking. Asking a few questions can also help to decrease their guard by making them feel like that you are making sure that they are a fit before you try to sell to them.

4. Share some pain examples

To improve your results, you will want to find out what challenges the prospect is experiencing. One way to do that in a cold call is to share some common challenges or pain examples that other clients or prospects have. After you share a few examples, you can check in to see if the prospect can relate or has any of the same challenges.

5. Share some name drops

One way to build both interest and credibility is to share some name drops and stories from you existing and past clients in your phone script. Ideally, you will want to include some details on how you helped them and the more quantifiable you can get, the more powerful your sales script will be.



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This article was published on Saturday 27 October, 2012.
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