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Michael Halper – Areas of Expertise

Michael Halper comes to Launch Pad Solutions as an expert in the area of coaching first and foremost.  Although, through the different challenges and experiences he has gone through in his life, he has gained some expertise in a number of other domains.


Personal and Professional Coaching
Michael has been coaching people in one form or another his entire life.  Whether it was working with family and friends, working as a sales person with clients, or working as a formal coach, he has gained experience helping individuals along the path of improvement and development.  He took his coaching knowledge and skills to the next level by completing a year long ICF certified coach training program at the University of Texas at Dallas earning a graduate certificate in executive and professional coaching.


Professional Development
Michael has driven his own professional development by focusing on continuing to learn.  This included both learning as much as possible while on the job and also trying to always have some sort of formal educational activity going on at any one given time.  Examples of educational activities that Michael has taken on are Microsoft certification classes, an MBA program, foreign language studies, sales training, and a coach training program.


He has also tried to drive professional development by getting involved in professional and community organizations.  This has helped him grow in areas that his jobs did not allow, it helped him to extend his network of contacts, and it helped him to give back.  Examples of organizations that Michael has been involved in are the American Marketing Association and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.


Michael has spent the majority of his career working in various sales roles.  All of the companies that he has worked for have been in the technology space with the majority of time being spent selling enterprise software.  When it comes to finding new clients, nurturing relationships with existing clients, and meeting and exceeding revenue targets, Michael has a tremendous amount of sales experience and knowledge.


Michael spent part of his career as a product marketing manager gaining experience in the areas of product management, productization, and marketing communications.  Complementing this experience is an undergraduate degree in Marketing.


Broad Business Knowledge
Michael has been able to accrue broad and deep business knowledge explained below.

1. Industry Experience: He has had gain broad industry experience and knowledge by working with companies in many different industries including oil and gas, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, education, and government.

2. Organizational Knowledge: He has also worked with many different functional departments including sales, marketing, IT, HR, payroll, finance, accounting, engineering, and operations.  In addition, He has interfaced with all organizational levels from C-level executives all the way down to front-line workers.  This experience allows Michael to have a solid understanding of the drivers, challenges, opportunities, and politics that businesses face everyday.

3. Global Experience:  Gained strong international experience from global responsibilities and traveling to all parts of the world (India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, France, Germany, UK, Canada, Mexico, Chile, etc.).

4. Educational Background:  Complementing real world experience is formal education in the from of a BBA in Marketing, MBA in Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Coaching.


The area of relationships has probably been more of an area of ignorance than and area of expertise for the majority of Michael’s life.  Most of his young adult life was spent either unsuccessfully chasing relationships that were not legitimate or wasting time in relationship that were fairly unhealthy.

In his mid 20’s, Michael made the decision to improve this area of his life.  He implemented a three-pronged plan that included improving himself inside and out, increasing his knowledge, and improving how he marketed himself.

Since he began focusing on improving this area, Michael has seen an improvement in the quantity, duration, and healthiness of relationships in his life.  While he is by no means a master in this area, he definitely has gained some good knowledge and experience that, when combined with his expertise in coaching, can bring value to others looking for growth and improvement in the area of relationships.


Managing Personal Finances
For the majority of his life, Michael has had the ability to effectively manage his personal finances.  Whether he has found himself in good times or bad, Michael has always achieved financial stability by having diligence with different money management philosophies and processes.

Some personal financial accomplishments include putting himself through school, buying his first car while in college and paying it off a year early, maintaining very low debt levels, and a consistent track record of a near perfect credit score.

Physical Fitness 
From the time of his childhood to his early adult years, one of Michael’s biggest weaknesses in his life was his physical physique – literally.  Michael grew up fairly underweight and this presented challenges for him both socially and professionally.


In his mid 20’s, Michael made the decision to improve this area of his life and he implemented a two-pronged plan that included working out regularly and modify his diet.  With focus and determination, Michael has stayed with this plan for the past ten years transforming his lifestyle and physique.  He is very knowledgeable in the area and knows what it takes to design and stick with a physical transformation plan.

Career Development

Working since the age of sixteen, Michael has held many different jobs for many different companies.  During that time, he has gained a tremendous amount of experience in the areas of interviewing, driving career advancement, and making career directional changes.  Michael has achieved success in this area by sticking to philosophies in the areas of doing a good job, work ethic, continuing to learn on and off the job, finding new opportunities, interviewing well, and effectively communicating.

Managing Academics
It is easy for one who is in an educational program and to have distractions from work, family, and friends.  At four different points in his life, Michael found himself working and going to school at the same time.  Whether it was working nights at a grocery store while in high school, working at a restaurant while in college, or working full-time while working on his MBA, Michael has found success when trying to balance academics with other distractions.

Negotiating Technology Investments
While working in the area of software sales, Michael has gained some great experience negotiating technology investments.  Software is one of the most negotiable purchases that a company makes and in order for Michael to be successful as a sales person, he became very proficient with negotiations best practices and processes.


This article was published on Tuesday 27 October, 2009.
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