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Michael Halper – Why Coaching

Michael Halper has had an interest and a passion for the area of coaching his entire life.  This first became apparent at an early age while being captivated watching Tony Robbins infomercials on TV late at night.  He was fascinated by the power of self improvement and what someone can achieve when they put their mind to it.

Coinciding with his interest in self improvement was a consistent pattern of people going to Michael for a sounding board to discuss thoughts, ideas, and challenges.  He did not always know why they came to him, but it seemed that the feedback was that he was a good listener, he was easy to talk to, and that he provided sound feedback and advice.  Not only did it seem that he was good at helping people, but he also really enjoyed it when he got the opportunity.

As time went on, Michae realized that he had an interest in helping others and in interpersonal dynamic.  With this passion around people, he considered studying psychology or sociology while in college. Although, Michael also had a tremendous amount of interest in the area of business, and after much deliberation, he chose the business route and earned a bachelor’s of business administration in Marketing.

After finishing school, Michael worked for different companies in various sales and marketing roles.  Michael’s interest in sales and marketing can somewhat be correlated with his interest in psychology and helping others.  Both involve grace and skill in the areas of listening, powerful questioning, counseling, building good relationships, and providing guidance and recommendations that help the client get to a better place.  In some ways, sales and marketing is almost a perfect intersection between pychology and business if there is one.

When Michael was in his mid 20’s, he learned of the formal field of professional coaching.  He instantly knew that going into this area would be a perfect fit with what he would thoroughly enjoy doing and something that he would be very good at.  After researching coach training and certification programs, Michael made the decision to put off pursuing formal coach training so he could continue to gain experience and knowledge as he felt that this would not only help him to be a better coach, but it would also help with his credibility.  With that being the case, he made the strategic decision to continue to gain sales experience and go back to school to get a Master’s of Business Administration.

After making the decision to hold off on pursuing coaching, Michael spent the next three years selling software during the day and going to school at night.  Once the MBA was complete, he returned to his interest in coaching and entered a year long ICF certified coach training program at the University of Texas at Dallas.  The program helped Michael take his coaching to the next level by adding structure, processes, guidelines, and philosophies to his existing coaching knowledge and skills.

Since completing the formal coach training program at the University of Texas at Dallas, Michael has been coaching in a formal capicity and has founded Launch Pad Solutions, LLC.  Michael’s goal is to leverage his different areas of expertise to help individuals and businesses to drive growth and improvement.


This article was published on Monday 26 October, 2009.
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