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Michael Halper – Transformation

In order to understand how Michael can help others, it is helpful to be aware of how he has helped himself as he is someone who has continually faced challenges in all areas of his life.  Whether is has been in the area of money, relationships, career, or fitness, Michael has never had anything that has really come easily.

Through hard work, perseverance, and good decision making, he has been able to drive improvement and transform many areas of his life.  Being someone that has had to work hard, persevere, and overcome, he can be a good resource and sounding board for someone dealing with their own adversity.


Academic Transformation
While in high school, Michael found himself a bit off course.  He made poor decisions when it came to academics, social influences, recreational activities, etc.  This impacted his focus on long-term goals such as graduating high school and going to college.  During this time, his grades went from A’s and B’s to C’s, D’s, and F’s.

When he was a little more than halfway through high school, Michael realized he was heading in a direction that did not lead anywhere. He identified that this was not what he wanted and he made the decision to change.

Through determination, Michael improved his grades to A’s and B’s, which enabled him to graduate high school on time he and went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University and would later earn a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Houston.


Financial Transformation
As a young man, Michael grew up in a single parent household with two older siblings.  Needless to say, there were many occasions while growing up where there were not any financial resources available when Michael needed something.  This grew into a larger problem when the goal of going to college came into the picture.

Michael went from not having money to do any thing to supporting himself and putting himself through school.  This was accomplished by working many hours at part-time jobs and making wise financial decisions.  While working as a professional after school, he has continued to maintain financial stability by utilizing the same disciplined financial management philosophies that he adopted earlier in life.


Physical Transformation  
From the time of his childhood to his early adult years, one of Michael’s biggest weaknesses in his life was his physical physique – literally.  Michael grew up fairly underweight and this was always the root of some insecurity and presented challenges in many areas of life.

In his mid 20’s, Michael made the decision to improve this area of his life and he implemented a two-pronged plan that included working out regularly and modifying his diet.  With focus and determination, Michael has stayed with this plan for the past ten years transforming the area from an area of insecurity to an area of confidence.


Social Transformation
Most of Michael’s life has experienced some challenges in the social area.  He has often found himself in relationships and friendships that have not been very healthy with equal levels of respect.  In his mid 20’s, Michael made it one of his top priorities to improve this area of his life.  He focused on expanding his knowledge through exposure to material available on social dynamics and put himself out in the field with the intent of learning through every interaction.  While he is far from mastery in this area, he has greatly improved his ability to find and establish new friendships and relationships.

Emotional Transformation
For most of his life, Michael has dealt with some challenges in the area of emotional strength.  Even though most people would say that he is a laid back and relaxed person, Michael had some challenges dealing with stress, anxiety, addiction, and depression while growing up.  By working on himself, inside and out, he has been able to create more emotional strength and stability.  He is now in a place where he is emotionally strong and able to deal with the different emotions he feels, control the emotions he wants to feel, and make better emotionally driven decisions.
This article was published on Monday 26 October, 2009.
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