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How to Win More Business

We all want to win more business. And there are very clear and simple things that we can do to make that happen.

Increase Quantity of Quality Interactions

We have to get in the game in order to achieve a score. In the business world, getting in the game means finding yourself in conversations with ideal prospects.

You can either use an outbound sales approach to find and connect with target prospects. Or you can use an inbound marketing approach by using search engine optimization (SEO) or social media and draw in target prospects in an inbound manner.

Whatever the approach, in order to win more business, we simply need to increase the number of interactions and conversations that we have with target prospects and there are clear things that can be done to improve those.

Improve Preparation

When we are in front of prospects, we have two approaches that we can choose from. We can either “wing it” and go in with the knowledge that is already in our head. Or we can find ways to be prepared in terms of preparing what we will say, what we will ask, and increase our overall level of knowledge.

It is not a stretch to say that the more prepared we are, the more we will position ourselves to win more business.  The key thing to take away is what to prepare and below is a quick list of items that prepared ahead of time can lead to improved sales:

  • Cold call script
  • Discovery questions
  • Qualifying question
  • Building interest points
  • Common pain points


Improve Qualification

Time is one of our most valuable resources. And it is also limited and cannot be increased so we must spend our valuable time with prospects that have the highest probability of making a purchase. In order to do that, we can focus on thoroughly qualifying the prospects that we meet with and spend our valuable time with to improve our ability to choose the right prospects to spend our time with and this can help to win more business.

Improve Ability to Find Pain

It is critical to find pain that the prospect is experiencing for two reasons. First, we must focus on what is important to them and grab their attention. By focusing on their pain, we can increase our chances of talking about the right topics.

Another reason that finding and discussing prospect pain is important is that if we are not able to find pain and realize that things are possibly going well for the prospect, then we might be close to identifying that the prospect is not a qualified prospect and not one that we should spend our valuable time with. This realization alone can help you to save valuable time and  that can win more business.

Improve Ability to Build Rapport

Building rapport is important for a few reasons. First, we will need a prospect to be responsive to our communications and rapport will greatly help with this. In addition, prospects can tend to share more information with vendors that they have rapport with. This information could greatly improve our position to close the prospect. Lastly, prospects buy from people they like, and building rapport will have direct impact on this.

Improve Ability to Build Interest

A key part to closing more business is the ability to trigger interest on the prospect’s side. There are some key tactics that we can do to improve this like connecting the value we have to offer with the pain the prospect is feeling, communicating how we differ from the competition, communicating the ROI that we typically deliver, and communicating the threats that exist when the prospect does nothing.

Launch Pad Solutions provides sales coaching helping sale pros to win more business.


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This article was published on Saturday 14 April, 2012.
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