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Needs Assessment Service

Service Overview
The Launch Pad Solutions Needs Assessment consulting service is one of the first steps in the sales consulting engagement. This service provides a analysis of the current state of a client’s functional area of sales at the organization level. The scope of the service can focus on any of the following areas:

  • Sales strategy: Strategy for driving short and long-term results
  • Sales processes: Processes that are used for identify prospects, communicating, and closing transactions.
  • Sales tools: Tools that are being utilized by sales staff.
  • Communications model: Methods for communicating with prospects and creating demand.
  • Sales messaging: Messaging that is utilized during the sales cycle by the sales force
  • Sales training: Training tools, processes, and methodologies that are being utilized
  • Organizational structure: Structure of the sales resources.

Launch Pad Solutions will work the client to focus on any or all of those areas to map out the current processes and details and will then drive toward identifying areas and ideas for improvement

The process for the Needs Assessment service is comprised of three main steps:

  • Information Collection: The first step in the process is to collect information from the client. This will involve formal discovery meetings, telephone conversations, email exchanges, and independent research.
  • Information Compilation: Step two in the process is to compile all information gathered and perform an analysis to produce finding and recommendations.
  • Delivery of Findings and Recommendations: The third step in the Needs Assessment is to deliver the findings and recommendations of the engagement. This will be provided through a formal meeting and presentation and the client will also be given a report that outlines all of the findings and recommendations


As part of this consulting service, Launch Pad Solutions will provide the client with a findings and recommendation report. This will be a document that will summarize all of the information collected and outline recommendations for improvements that can be made to improve sales effectiveness.


This consulting service helps clients to establish a first step forward to proactively driving sales effectiveness and improvements. It is key to identify where you are in order to figure out where you want to go and build a plan to get there. This service helps clients to figure out where they are then being to consider some of the areas where they can invest time and resource for short and long-term planning.


The Needs Assessment service is a billable engagement and can either be structured around an hourly rate or with a fixed fee price. The size of the project will be driven by the size of the client in terms of organization and products that are being assessed. The first meeting to discuss this service is provide as a free consultation and at no cost.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 07 November, 2010.