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Outbound Solutions that Can Improve Sales Results

Every sales organization can benefit from some form of outbound solutions to improve sales results.  Below are a few that can drive immediate results.


Cold Call Training

The return on investment for sales training is usually evident.  The more time and energy that you invest in training the sales staff, not only will sales results likely increase, but sales turnover can often decrease at the same time.

There are many different sales training programs and options available on the market.  When looking to improve outbound sales, there is cold call training content that is very focused on outbound tactics hat can be utilized to drive immediate results.


Division of Labor

There are many different sales activities that sales staff will need to do during the sales cycle.  There will need to be outbound cold calls made, responses to inbound leads, management of interactions with open opportunities, closing of deals, etc.

One of the outbound solutions that sales management can implement is to divide labor to have sales resources that are specifically setup for outbound activities.

This can position the organization for better overall results and the reason why is that outbound activities almost require a different mindset and set of skills.  By having resources specifically dedicated to picking up the phone and working on lead generation, not only will the individual resources get better and be more productive, but accountability and measurement of results will also improve.




Compartmentalize the Calendar

Another way to improve outbound results is to compartmentalize the calendar to allocate time specifically for making outbound calls.

There are not many people that enjoy making cold calls.  With that being the case, it is very easy to find something else to do before getting on the phone and making outbound calls.

By allocating time where we focus 100% on outbound calling and turn everything else off, we can likely improve our consistency with completing outbound activity and effort.  By only improving time and effort spent on outbound work, results should see a positive impact.


Prepare for Objections

We will face objections on just about every cold call that is made.  One of the outbound solutions that we can utilize is placing effort on preparing for the objections that we will encounter and identifying the responses that have the best chance of keeping the conversations going.

Once we identify the most likely objections that we will encounter and have the best responses listed out, we can then memorize that information like a playbook and improve our ability to control outbound sales calls.


Sales Coaching

Outbound selling can be challenging so there can be many benefits to some sort of sales coaching.  First of all, we are all human and because of that we can always improve our mental capacity and stamina by having a sounding board to discuss challenges and ideas with.  And having a coach to confirm or modify the direction can yield tremendous results.

It can also be powerful to role-play different scenarios so that you are ready for different situations when they occur while on the phone.  It is always better to have a new situation come up while on the practice field so that you can be prepared when it happens while in the real game.



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