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Part-Time Sales Resources

“We shifted our cold calling activities over to Launch Pad and saw an immediate improvement in lead generation as they built a healthy pipeline of qualified leads within only a matter of weeks.” Arnaud Dasprez, President – HexaGroup, Ltd.

For many businesses, there is a need to expand that effort but simply either not need or funding for full-time sales resources. To help with this scenario, Launch Pad Solutions provides full-time sales resources to businesses on a part-time basis.

How it Works

Launch Pad Solutions employs sales resources and allocates a portion of their time to different clients. Clients will determine what fraction of a full-time resource they want in terms of hours or days of the week.

The second factor to get identified is the level of sales resource that is prefer. Launch Pad utilizes a four level skill model which allows the client to choose the experience and cost level that fits their needs.

  • Level One– Minimal experience, high school diploma, good personality
  • Level Two– Minimal experience with college degree, or some experience with no college, good personality
  • Level Three– Three to five years sales experience
  • Level Four– Substantial sale experience

Under this service, the sales resource could either be assigned to phone work, field work, or a mix of both. The time worked is tracked through a timekeeping system that utilizes web and phone punches. Productivity is managed by call logs, call recordings, and detailed field reports.

Launch Pad’s part-time sales resources are billed out to clients on an hourly basis and it is left open to the client to chose if or how to build incentive pay on top of that.


Save time and money: Managing full-time sales resources can be very costly for an organization. Recruiting, training, managing, and retaining can be not only costly from a hard-dollar standpoint, but also very costly from a time perspective. With Launch Pad’s part-time sales resource service, a company can off load some of those tasks to decrease cost and time

Leverage processes and systems: To effectively hire, train, manage, and retain sales resources, many tools, processes, and systems are required. By contracting Launch Pad’s part-time sales resources, a business that does not have the needed knowledge and processes in place can leverage and benefit from everything that Launch Pad has put in place and utilizing on a large scale.

Achieve growth: Many businesses have a desired growth plan that they cannot realistically meet because they cannot increase their sales organization due to time and budgetary challenges. With Launch Pad’s part-time sales resources, a business is able to easily grow their sales effort from a time, cost, and commitment standpoint.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 30 January, 2011.