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How Personal and Professional Coaching Can Help

It is very understandable to not be fully aware of how personal and professional coaching can help you.  It is also very understandable to believe that you can get the same results on your own without coaching.  With that being the case, why should you invest in coaching and how can it help you?  To answer that question, let’s look at an analogy comparing coaching to personal training.

Personal Trainer Analogy
Analogies can also help us to look at things from another angle and also to get a better understanding of how something works.  In this case, a good service to compare coaching to is that of a service that someone might work with a personal trainer to improve their fitness.

When someone is looking to improve their level of fitness, technically they have everything they need to do this completely on their own.  They can control the level of exercise that they do.  They can control what they eat and don’t eat.  And if there is a lack of knowledge of what to do, there are plenty of resources that they can access on their own to increase their knowledge.

Although, some individuals can run into challenges when it comes to getting going and taking action.  They might also have trouble figuring out what to do and when as it could be very time consuming to ramp up their level of knowledge to where it needs to be.  There might also be challenges when it comes to staying on track.  The end result of these challenges is that doing it on their own may lead to not achieving the level of progress and success that they wanted.  This can create a feeling of discouragement, which can trigger a downward spiral that can completely derail the project leading pushing them even further from their goals and desires.

But if you take that same individual and have them work with a personal trainer, they are likely to have more clarity of what they need to do.  They may have more motivation and accountability for the action that they agree to taking.  And they may be more likely to stay on track and make progress.  The end result in this scenario could be not just improved fitness, but it could an achievement of a greater amount of improvement and the ability to do it a shorter amount of time.

This same model and benefits apply to professional coaching.  You can work on driving improvements on your own, but professional coaching can help you to get where you want to go.  It can help you to identify where you are today, where you want to go, and help you navigate and stay on course toward your goals.  This equals an improvement in the probability of success, an improvement of the level of success achieved, and it is likely that the success can be achieved in a shorter amount of time.

Launch Pad Solutions, LLC provides professional coaching to individuals helping to drive personal and professional growth.

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This article was published on Wednesday 20 January, 2010.
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