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Practical Cold Calling Tips

When making cold calls, hard work does   not necessarily equal success.  Just because we make a high number of calls and try real hard, we are not guaranteed success for the goals we have set.  Hard work and high activity levels are important and part of a winning approach, but it is what we do and don’t do while cold calling that will determine our success.


Smile While You Dial

When cold calling, the only thing that we have to communicate with is our voice.  With that being the case, how we sound over the phone can have a huge impact on how we are received.  We don’t have a tremendous amount of control over our actual voice, but we do have control over our tonality in terms of how warm and friendly we sound.


One way to sound better on the phone with prospects is to actually smile while making cold calls.  Even though the prospect cannot see you smiling, this will improve your tonality and they will likely hear you as being warmer and friendlier than they would if you were not smiling.


Frame of Mind

It is easy to get this feeling that you are bothering people when you cold call them.  This frame of mind comes from the fact that we want to sell to the prospect so we are coming from the position of trying to get them to help us.  But if we truly believe in our value proposition in that we deliver and offer some sort of value to our clients, then we can also look at it as though we are calling them to offer them help.


By having the frame of mind that the prospect might need your help instead of you needing theirs, you will have a much more confident and grounded state of mind.  One of the cold calling tips to help make this internal change is by going through some sales affirmations that help you to focus on what you, your company, and your products have to offer.



One of the more unique cold calling tips is to disqualify prospects when cold calling.   At times you may find a prospect in a neutral to negative position in terms of their level of interest.  When this is the case, you can disqualify the prospect by questioning if there is a fit and if it makes sense to continue.  You can use this technique to either pull them back in or push them away so that you can work on another prospect.




Use a Cold Calling Script

Preparation is the key to success when making cold calls.  One way to improve your level of preparation is to have some sort of cold calling script or outline to use as a guide.


Name Drop

One of the powerful cold calling tips is to name drop while cold calling.  It is important to decrease the prospect’s guardand if we mention other people in the organization that we have met with or are planning on meeting with, the prospect will see us as being more of an insider and they will be more open to letting us through.


Prepare for Objections

You are guaranteed to get objections when cold calling.  Anticipate the objections that you may receive and prepare for them so that you have the best response ready.  By being prepared for objections, you can greatly improve your ability to get around them to keep the call going and this will immediately improve your resluts.



Launch Pad Solutions offers a sales script development tool helping sales professionals to improve their cold calling skills.



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This article was published on Sunday 01 May, 2011.
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