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Prepare for Objections for Effective Cold Calling

There is one thing that you can guarantee while cold calling and that is that you will encounter objections from the prospects.  Objections are like stop signs, and periodically during a cold call, the prospect will throw one at you to try to end the call.  By being prepared for objections and having the best response ready for delivery, you can improve your skills and drive effective cold calling.


What is an objection?

An objection during a cold calling is essentially the other person’s attempt to take the call in the direction of their choosing.  And when someone answers a cold call, the most likely direction that they would like the call to go toward is it coming to an end.


Most common objections

Below are examples of some of the most common objections:

  • I do not have time right now.
  • We are not interested.
  • I am already using something for that.
  • We do not have money to spend right now.
  • Call me back in six months.
  • He does not talk to vendors.
  • Talk to my assistant.


Why do they occur?

The reason that objections will be consistently brought up is that when people answer a call and they feel like somebody is trying to sell something, they will look for reasons to end the call.  It is similar to when people go through a stack of mail.  As we look at each piece of mail, we typically look for clues that allow us to identify it as junk so that we can quickly throw it away.

The same process is used when we get an unexpected call.  We instantly look for reasons to label it as a cold call and then look for reasons to end it.  As soon as we see reasons to end the call, we throw up an objection.  If the cold caller is not prepared for the objections, the call will likely end and this will have a direct impact on the level of effective cold calling.




What to do when we get an objection?

One effective cold calling technique to do when we get an objection is to redirect.  This approach is to concede to the fact that it is not likely that we will overcome an objection in a cold call since it will only last just a few minutes.  In addition, to try to address a prospect’s objection will give it life and attention.  And to try to change the prospect’s mind could be perceived as challenging and confrontational.  Thus, it can be effective to redirect by asking a question that keeps the conversation going and possibly goes in another direction.


There are only so many objections

The good thing about objections is that there are only so many that you can come across.  There may be a different set of objections for different products, but at the end of the day there are only so many things a prospect can say to try to abruptly end a cold call.  For effective cold calling, it can be helpful to list out the objections that might come up and then compose the best responses for each objection.

Think of it like preparing for interview questions. The more prepared you are the better you will perform.


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This article was published on Tuesday 13 April, 2010.
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