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Qualify in Your Phone Sales Script

One very simple thing that you can do to make your phone sales scriptmore powerful is to add qualifying questions to help you to qualify the prospect.

What is Qualifying?

Qualifying is basically the act of trying to figure out how good the prospect fits with what you have to offer and how probable they are to move forward with a purchase.

What makes a prospect truly qualified is if they have a real need in the area where your products and services help, they have the authority to make the decision to purchase, and they have the ability to purchase from a funding standpoint.

Soft Qualify First

To thoroughly qualify a prospect, we will want to go through some probing questions that determine need, authority, and available budget. Although, when performing phone sales and cold calling, we may only have a few minutes with the prospect during our very first conversation. As a result, it can be helpful to focus on just doing some preliminary qualifying on the very first call to just make sure there is enough of a fit to keep talking and maybe meet on another day.

One way to figure out how much qualifying to do in your phone sales script is to focus your questions around the prospect’s needs in your area. If they have absolutely no needs, then it does not make sense to keep talking. You can vet out the authority and budget details later and in your first real meeting.


Decrease the Prospect’s Guard

One great effect that qualifying questions have on a phone sales script is that they can help to decrease the prospect’s guardedness. This is because, when you ask questions to evaluate the prospect’s needs, you are expressing interest in them and interest in making sure that they are a fit before you sell to them.

This can create a powerful effect that not only makes the prospect more open to hearing about what you are calling them about, but it can also help to increase the level of rapport that you have with the prospect.

Make the Conversation More Engaging

Regardless of the setting, conversations where both parties are talking and contributing are going to more healthy and productive. Knowing that, it can be wise to create your phone sales script so that it creates two-way conversations where the prospect is talking and involved in the conversation.

While that might be tough to instigate since everybody is different and some people talk more than others, by simply adding qualifying questions to your sales script will force moments in the conversation where the prospect has to contribute and interject into the conversation.

Uncover Valuable Information

The other and most obvious benefit to adding qualifying questions to your sales script is that they will help you uncover important and valuable information from the prospect. Not only can that information help you to determine if it makes sense to keep talking, it can also be used throughout the sales cycle.


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This article was published on Saturday 03 November, 2012.
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