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Sales Call Questions that Can Generate Leads

The sales call questions that you ask can sometimes be the difference between failure and success. To help outline what questions to ask, we should first breakdown the first two different sales process stages.  The first stage is the first conversation and the second stage is a set appointment and there are different questions that should be asked in each stage.

Sales Call Questions for the First Conversation

The first conversation is the first time that you are talking with the prospect. This could either be on a cold call, could be an inbound call from a prospect, or could be meeting a prospect at a networking event. Whatever the case, when you first meet or talk to a prospect there are key sales questions that you will want ask.

The primary goal when first talking with a prospect is to perform some soft qualifying. Soft qualifying is an attempt to pre-qualify the prospect to just identify if it makes sense to keep talking. You basically want to ask questions to identify if there is enough of a fit and need for you and the prospect to invest more time talking.

In order to soft qualify, you will want to focus on two different areas. First, we want to learn a little more about current state and current environment details. These are the details around how things are going in the particular area where your products impact. Are things great, just ok, or have room for improvement? The answers here will tell you whether it makes sense to keep talking.

Next, you will want to ask some demographic questions to identify if the prospect is the right fit from a location, size, industry, and role in the organization perspective. Very direct sales call questions can quickly help to identify if the prospect fits well enough to keep talking from a demographic standpoint.



Sales Call Questions for the First Meeting

If you and the prospect agree to keep talking in more detail and progress to a first meeting, there are a different set of sales call questions that should be asked. This is because at this point, you will want to begin to gather more details to first identify if the deal is real, but then also gather details that you can use generate a lead and create real momentum.

To identify if the deal is real, you will want to perform harder qualifying than you did in the first conversation and here are some questions to help with that:

  • Why should the prospect make the purchase?
  • What happens if they do nothing?
  • Is the budget approved?
  • What is the decision making process?
  • What other options are they looking at?
  • What is the time frame that they need to move within?

The answers to those sales questions will help you identify if the deal is real and the prospect is qualified. From there, you will want to ask some discovery questions around the current environment to gather pain details that help you to build your business case for why it will make sense for the prospect to purchase from you.


Launch Pad Solutions provides web-based sales training helping sales pros to identify what sales call questions to ask.


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This article was published on Saturday 07 July, 2012.
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