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Sales Coaching

“Launch Pad Solutions helped us to completely revamp our cold calling strategy and messaging. This greatly improved the quantity and quality of conversations that we had with prospects over the phone and it is difficult to put a value on how that has impacted our business.”

Charles De Vaga, VP of Sales, D-Cubed, Inc.

Launch Pad Solutions has merged proven coaching methodologies and with years of sales experience and different formal sales training methodologies to form a sales coaching practice. This service is provided to front-line sales resources and to sales managers with the sole purpose of improving sales performance and quota attainment.

How it Works

Sales coaching is delivered through one-on-one sessions with each sales resource. These meetings can take place over the phone, or over the internet, or be face-to-face. During each session, the coach will work with to establish clarity, identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and build action plans for driving growth.

Why Sales Coaching

It is reasonable to ask why sales coaching is needed if best practices are used in the areas of recruiting, training, and sales management. The answer is that sales is a very challenging profession and even the most capable, qualified, and motivated individuals can benefit from a process of taking a step back to reflect, identify, and strategize. Regardless of current sales performance, this can help sales resources to improve direction and get to the next level.

Complements Sales Training

One of the most common misconceptions with sales coaching is that it is the same thing as sales training. The two are very different, but do complement each other very well. While sales training is focused primarily on a one-time knowledge transfer, sales coaching is focused using recurring meetings to optimize performance by embracing existing experience, knowledge, and skills. Delivering sales coaching that picks up where sales training leaves off can deliver powerful results.

Where the Coaching Focuses

The whole process is centered around driving quota attainment and sales revenue. It begins with baselining and goal setting to identify where the resource is and where they need to go. Then through either monthly or quarterly coaching sessions, the coach will meet with the sales resource to strategize through progress tracking and action planning.

Why Outsouce Sales Coaching

Most organizations are already delivering some form of sales coaching by its front-line sales managers. There are some key benefits to transferring this responsibility to an external organization that specializes in the area of sales coaching.

Coaching Expertise:  There is a tremendous amount of philosophy and methodology in the area of coaching that can be implemented to drive performance.  By outsourcing to a coaching company, a company can reap the rewards of coaching without having to pay for coaching training.

Core Competency:  If a sales manager has deep knowledge and training in the area of coaching, this is still likely not a major part of their daily responsibilities.  By outsourcing sales coaching, a company will have someone that does coaching as a full-time job, making it one of their core competencies.

Communication: One of the core components to effective coaching is an open line of communication between coach and client. When a manager is coaching an employee, the line of communication can sometimes be compromised since the coach is also the manager and disciplinarian. By outsourcing the coaching function, there is potential for a clearer channel for communication and this can drive better results.

Time Utilization: Not only is a front-line manager’s time very limited, it is also very valuable. By taking the coaching function off of their plate, the manager will now have more time to focus on working on deals and strategic items and this shift can have a positive impact on the top line.


Sales coaching can be built around a number of pricing models. It can either be billed by the hour or can be purchased in packages that include coaching for a period of time through one month, three month, and six month programs.

Return on Investment

The power of sales coaching comes from the awareness, clarity, and accountability that it helps to establish. The end result is a positive impact on effectiveness, productivity, and accountability driving an improvement sales performance. By improving sales performance, not only does a company improve both top line results, but they also improve bottom line results by decreasing turnover for sales staff.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 July, 2010.