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Sales Script Sample

Below is a sales script sample. After the example, we will break down some of the main components of the script so that you can build one like this for your product and business.

Sales Script Sample

Hello, I am trying to reach the director of IT. Can you point me in the right direction?

Hello Tom. This is Tina Jones calling from Latitude. Have I caught you in the middle of anything?

Value statement
Great, purpose for my call is that we help businesses to improve the reliability of their business services.

I actually do not know if what we provide is a good fit with your needs, so I just had a couple of quick questions.

Qualifying Questions

  • Are you currently performing active monitoring of your applications and infrastructure?
  • Are you knowledgeable about problems before or as they occur?Common Pain Examples
    When we talk to other IT directors, they express concerns with:

    • There are so many alerts that they do not know where the real problems are
    • Problems occur and they are never notified
    • Don’t know what business services the problems are impacting

    Which one of those are you most concerned with?

    Building Interest Points

    Well, based on what we discussed, it may be productive for us to talk in more detail.

    • As I mentioned, I am with Latitude and we provide application and infrastructure monitoring and management solutions.
    • We differ from other options in that our technology predicts problems before they occur.
    • We typically reduce mean time to repair by 15 to 20%.

    But I have called you out of the blue and I do not want to take any more of your time right now. Do you have interest in discussing this subject more? A good next step would be for a 15 to 20 minute meeting where we can discuss your needs in more detail and share any value and insight that we have to offer against those. How does your calendar look next Tuesday or Thursday?

Explanation of the Sales Script

Here is an explanation of the main sections of the sales script sample:

Introduction: Every sales script will likely need two introductions, one for the gatekeeper and one for the target prospect.

Value Statement: In order to try to grab the prospect’s attention and to also tell them why they should spend the next 2 to 5 minutes talking with you, share a value statement at the beginning of the sales script.

Disqualify: In the sales script sample, there is a statement to disqualify the prospect. This can help to decrease the prospect’s guard, create curiosity, and also build a little rapport.

Qualifying Questions: Not every prospect is going to be a fit so you should ask some qualifying questions to make sure that it makes sense for both parties to keep talking.

Common Pain Examples: The more pain that you find, the more leads you will generate. One way to uncover prospect pain is to share examples that other prospects and clients have experienced.

Building Interest Points: You can share a few powerful points to trigger a little more interest on the prospect’s side toward the end of the call before you go for the close.

Close: There is something to try to close in each conversation with a prospect and this sales script example share some language for setting an appointment.


Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool to help sales pros develop a sales script sample of their own.


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This article was published on Saturday 06 October, 2012.
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