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Use Search Engine Optimization to Increase Sales

In addition to seeking out the prospects that you want to do business with, it can be very productive to find ways to have your target prospects to seek you out.  One of the most effective ways to accomplish that is to use search engine optimization to increase sales.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a methodology that involves designing and managing your website in a way that it becomes noticed and favorable with the major search engines.  If your site is considered to be more valuable by the search engines, also referred to as “ranking”, then you will position yourself to be higher in search results for key word phrases that are related to your business.


The higher you rank on searched phrases, the more likely you will be to drive traffic to your site.  One of the reasons it is important to rank high on a user’s search results is that users typically only click on the first half of the of the first page of results.  In addition, if you build your site to be optimized with the searched phrases that are associated most with your target prospects, then the traffic you lure in will be very concentrated with the type of prospects that you are trying to do business with.


Below are some key concepts to take into consideration when trying to be more focused on SEO.


SEO Friendly Pages

To use search engine optimization, you first want to focus on building a website and web pages that are more friendly toward search engines.  The first thing to be aware of is that search engines use spiders that crawl your website.  If you have frames or text in images, the spiders will not be able to crawl your site as well.


Search engines also do not want to refer pages to users that are time consuming for the user to load once the search engine has sent them there.  As a result, the search engine will consider pages with better load rates and more friendly and give more credit when using their algorithm to calculate the ranking.  This means sites with a lot of high resolution images and flash animation could be considered less friendly and not rank as well




Search engines will want to send users to the most informative sites first.  This means that a site with more content per page, more pages being regularly added, and more total pages will be labeled as more informative.  This goes against the traditional marketing philosophy of clean pages with fewer words and more graphics and animation.  The more text the better in the eyes of the search engine.


To use search engine optimization, blogs and articles are good ways to add pages and content regularly to a website.  These should be focused on topics and key word phrases that are tied to the products and services that you sell and that will bring targeted traffic to the site.



Backlinks are an additional way to use search engine optimization to improve your ranking with search engines.  These are links to your site that are posted on other websites.  The more sites that point to your site, the more valuable search engines will consider your site to be and this will help you to rank better.  There are many ways to get backlinks, but a few are registering with directories, distributing articles, swapping links, posting on forums, etc.




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This article was published on Thursday 16 December, 2010.
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