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Seven Keys to Improving Lead Gen

There are very clear things that businesses can do to improve lead genand some ideas that can help in that area are outlined below.


1.  Bidirectional Lead Generation

When building your lead generation strategy, focus on building the strategy so that leads are produced from both outbound and inbound directions.  Outbound would most likely involve some form of cold calling or telemarketing.  Inbound leads can be a result from using search engine optimization to generate leads through a business’ website.


2.  Dedicated Outbound Resources

If outbound sales is part of the lead generation strategy, it can help to have resources that are dedicated to spend most of their time to this particular area.  This would involve either assigning resources to the sole job of making outbound sales calls or could be accomplished through sales outsourcing and having a third-party take care of the cold calling responsibilities.


3.  Business Networking

Business networking can be one of the most effective ways to generate leads as it involves face to face interactions and building relationships and those can have an immediate impact on the number of prospects and referrals.  Networking can be accomplished by attending events, getting involved in different organizations, participating in activities, etc.


4.  Social Media

With new forms of social media popping up all of the time, we now have many different options for virtual networking and this can be used for driving lead gen.  The power begins with the fact that we can use these platforms to easily and quickly make new contacts and connections around the globe.  Once these connections are made, we can share information and collaborate and this type of activity can help to produce leads and referrals.



5.  Search Engine Optimization

One of the most powerful ways to instigate lead gen is to invest time, effort, and money into search engine optimization, or SEO for short.  This is a methodology for building out and managing a website so that search engines know that it exists and place a certain level of value on it.  By getting the search engines to consider the website to be of value, they will then send relevant traffic to the website and this can have an immediate and positive impact on lead generation.


6.  Cold Call Training

With any lead gen strategy, there will typically be some form of cold calling that takes place.  With cold calling, working hard and placing a high volume of calls does not automatically lead to success.  There are clear things that can be done to improve results and effectiveness and investing time and resources into training sales staff specifically in the area of cold calling can have an immediate improvement in leads being produced.


7.  Sales Outsourcing

Some of the work that is needed to be done to produce leads can be very grinding work.  For example, a lot of time calling on a cold list can be spent dealing with gatekeepers, navigating phone systems, collecting prospect contact info, getting voicemail, etc.  These activities can not only be very time consuming, but it can also be the type of work that does not need to be done by a very experienced sales professional.  With that being the case, it can make business sense to outsourcing the lead generation function to a company that has low cost, yet effective resources in the area of cold calling and producing leads.



Launch Pad Solutions provides lead generations services helping businesses to improve lead gen.




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This article was published on Sunday 28 August, 2011.
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