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Seven Qualities of Good Cold Calling Coaching

Receiving cold calling coaching can be often be a great developmental activity to get a sales person over the hump or on to the next level. But working with a good coach can be important with getting the most return on that investment. Below are some key qualities that can be found when working with a good sales coach.

1. Client does most of the talking

It is understandable to think that sales coaching involves the coach doing all of the talking and the coach telling the client exactly what to do. While there are times for that, this is more of a description of sales training, which is more of a one-way transfer of knowledge from trainer to student.

With effective sales coaching, it is all about the client. A major portion of the time needs to be spent on exploring the client’s thoughts, challenges, goals, experiences, etc. In order to get this focus, a good sales coach will operate in a way where the client does most of the talking.

2. Listening

And if the client does most of the talking, a good sales coach will be a very good listener. If the coach is not fully present and listening closely to everything the client is saying, the cold calling coaching will not be as effective as it could be.

3. Goal setting

As with any type of sales coaching, cold call coaching needs to help the client to determine and set their sites on short and long-term goals. Not only can this increase focus and momentum, it can also improve accountability.


4. Script development

Whether the client needs to work from a cold call script or not, there can be tremendous benefits to spending some time to build a call outline or script. Quality cold calling coaching should help a client through this activity so that the client is more prepared when it is time to get on the phone.

5. Tools

There are many tools that can be used to improve cold calling results. A quality sales coach should help a client to build and develop these. Examples of these tools that outline product or company information, list out responses for objections, or a list of questions that can be asked during calling.

6. Role-playing

Practicing in some sort of sales role-play prior to getting on the phone can yield tremendous benefits. This can help a sales person to memorize any prepared questions or statements and get used to how they roll off of the tongue. This activity can also help a sales person to prepare for many of the different scenarios that they can encounter.

7. Call recording

Having some way to record or listen in to calls that the client is making can greatly improve cold calling coaching. Having this additional information can help the sales coach to provide more valuable feedback and tips to the client. The coach can not only here how the client is responding and handling calls, but the coach can also here the client’s tonality and can help make sure the client sounds their best.


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This article was published on Saturday 18 February, 2012.
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