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Seven Tactics for Leaving Voicemail in Sales (Part I)

With prospects screening calls now more than ever, we are faced with the frequent dilemma of leaving voicemail and figuring out how to best do that.  With that being the case, here are some clear sales tactics that we can use to improve effectiveness.


1.  Understand the Person that is Going to Listen

Before we figure out what to do when leaving messages, we need to stop and become more aware of what the environment is on the prospect’s side and what could be going on when the message we leave is played.  This is very important as an ability to understand the prospect can clearly impact our actions and how we decide to communicate.


For example, let’s consider that we have a prospect that has a very light load and a job that might be a little boring and slow-paced.  This prospect’s phone never rings and they rarely have voicemails waiting for them.  The picture that we can build of this prospect is an environment that is very quiet and a prospect that is very available.  If this is the type of person we calling, we could leave a very long message that was not real tight in terms of messaging and we could probably expect the prospect to call back.


But in reality, the prospects that we are calling are the likely the exact opposite of this as they could operate in an environment that is very busy and fast-paced, one where the phone rings a lot, and there are numerous messages being left that have to be listened to.  If we understand that that is the landscape where we are leaving voicemail, we can begin to understand the approach that will work best.


2.  Keep it Short

Since our prospects are busy and could likely have a number of voicemails to listen to when they come across ours, we should keep our message as brief as possible.  If you are leaving voicemail, you should try to keep the total message between 20 to 30 seconds.  The longer it drags on, the more likely the prospect is to hit delete hit before reaching the end.





3.  Deliver a Value Statement

Even though a good voicemail message should be brief, it can still be powerful.  In order to catch the prospect’s attention and to efficiently communicate why you are calling and why they should take your call when you call back, you can share some sort of value statement when leaving voicemail.


4.  Assume no Call Back

If the people that we call are extremely busy and if they are going through a number of voicemail messages everyday, there is a good chance that they are not going to return our call.  Even if we clearly communicate in our message and actually trigger a high level of interest, there is still a high probability that they will not call us back.

This is simply the dynamics that occur when dealing with a busy prospect.  They may acknowledge that they need to call you and genuinely want to return the call, but either due to an extremely full load or due to an awareness that you will likely try them again, they are very likely to hear your message and take no action at all.



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