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Should You Script Sales Conversations?

The majority of sales people do not script sales conversations, yet there can be very significant benefits to planning out what you are going to say and ask when meeting with sales prospects.

Consider a news anchor for a minute. When she is going through the news of the day, not only will she speak very clearly and go through all of the information in a very structured and organized way, but she will also sound incredibly knowledgeable about the information that she is talking about.

The news anchor is able to give off this type of impression due to three key details. First, everything that the news anchor is saying has been written out in a script ahead of time. Next, the news anchor has likely gone over and practiced the script a number of times. Lastly, the news anchor has the script up in front of them so that they can read directly from it and use it as a guide.

All of this helps tremendously with the presentation and delivery of the message. And try to picture what the news would look like if the news anchor just went on the air and “winged it” by just talking through the news. What type of impression would he or she make in that scenario?

We can look at whether to script sales calls in the same way. One reason why the news and other television shows are scripted is that the air-time is incredibly valuable. As a result, it makes sense to prepare and to avoid any mistakes. We should look at air-time with prospects in the same way as it tremendously valuable as well and we should do what we can to provide the best performance and avoid mistakes.


Here are some areas where you can script sales:

Qualifying Questions

You can easily script out the key questions that you need to ask to gather details and qualify prospects. When you identify what your ideal prospect looks like, you should be able to compose a short list of questions that you can ask to make sure you are talking with prospects that fit well with what you have to offer.

Common Pain Points

You will want to uncover some pain that the prospect is experiencing in the areas where your products help. One thing to help with this is script out common pain points that other clients have experienced and share those to see if the prospect can relate or has any similar challenges.

Building Interest Points

Building interest may seem like something that will just naturally happen while you are talking with prospects. But what you can do to help trigger interest and improve the odds of it building are to develop powerful statements ahead of time that communicate how you differ, the value that you offer, the ROI that you deliver, impacts from doing nothing, and more.

Name Drop Examples

There is nothing more powerful for building credibility than telling stories about your existing clients and how you have helped them. You can develop these points ahead of time when you script sales messaging.
Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool to help sales pros to script sales.


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This article was published on Sunday 14 October, 2012.
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