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Texting Rules to Use When Meeting New People

Texting is one of the main methods that people use to communicate these days.  That being the case, becoming skillful in the way you utilize texting can help to drive positive results when meeting new people.  If you are interested in using some rules or guidelines to increase the odds of positive results, below are some simple rules to consider.

First text:
  It can be good to send a text shortly after receiving somebody’s number.  This can fall in the range of anywhere between a few hours to the next day.  The three goals of this text are to give the other person the opportunity to save your number, to get the person to have fun and possibly return to the fun state that might have been creating when you got their number, and to get a response of some sort.  That being said, the ideal text would be short, funny, and have your name if needed.  It is great when you can tie it to something that was discussed or laughed about when you met.

Match level of responsiveness:  In the world of dating, it is important to meter the level of interest that you communicate to the other person.  You don’t want to communicate too much interest or too little interest as doing either of those has the potential to push the other person away.  When taking this into consideration while texting, it can help to match timing of your responses and how often you text.

Be funny:  Probably the number one goal of your texting when meeting new people is to be funny.  This is based on the fact that when meeting new people, humor will fuel the momentum and seriousness can slow things down.  Transition from messages that simply ask how the other person is doing to inside jokes and meaningless banter.

Not too long:  You may want to avoid real lengthy texts.  Logic here is that, if you are trying to meter the amount of interest you are showing and present yourself person of high value, you are better positioned if you send more brief messages.  A person that has a lot going on and very busy sends short texts as they don’t have time to craft real lengthy text messages when they are meeting new people.

Not too deep:  Never send deep messages about your thoughts, feelings, or issues.  There are many reasons not to do this when meeting new people but two points are that your message can be misread and a person of high value will call the other person to talk about something serious.

Watch the emoticons:  Be careful how much you use emoticons as they can be indicators of interest and you might want to meter how much of that you display.  Also, emoticons can often be considered to be more of a feminine communication characteristic so if you are male, there could be some risk for using too much of them.

Baiting:  You may want to consider doing some baiting when texting to get the other person to respond by inserting something into your texts that motivates a response.  It could be something as simple as a question or it could be a statement or joke that is so funny that the other person will have to respond.

Holding the last text:  Every text exchange will end at some point.  It can sometimes be advantageous to be the person that received the last text. This is because if you sent the last text, then the other person did not respond to you.  And if you received the last text, the other person may be thinking about you because they did not hear back.  Of course, when you are meeting new people, you do not want to do this with it upsetting someone so you need to be careful.  But the ideal time would be after a good text exchange that might be winding down and you receive a message that does not clearly warrant any type of response.


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This article was published on Monday 22 March, 2010.
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