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Three Options for Hiring Someone to Make My Calls

It is very likely that you have a full load and often find yourself looking for someone to make my calls. The good news is that there are very good options available when you are too busy to make your outbound salescalls.

1. Hire a full-time inside sales resource

One of the most effective ways to offload the activity of cold calling is to hire a full-time sales resource to perform this function for you. The key advantage to this is that with the resource being full-time, you have a more long-term commitment from the resource and can really take time to train the resource on all of the details of your company, your products, and your industry.

Although, this option has some significant downside aspects:

  • Cost: Hiring a full-time resource can be extremely expensive when you assess the true cost of a cold call. When you factor in compensation and add items like benefits, IT hardware and software, and office space, the figure can get fairly high. In addition, you also need to add all of the time that will needed to manage this resource and that figure can be fairly high when you consider opportunity cost for what sales could have been made by selling instead of managing.
  • Commitment: One challenge with hiring a full-time resource to make my calls is that you are making a long-term commitment and the business and workload can fluctuate. What this means is that you could find yourself with a resource at times wheret you do not need one.
  • Full resource: Another downside to having a full-time resource is that you are getting a full resource and you might not completely need a full resource in terms of workload.ales management: With a full-time resource comes another thing to manage. This could either be something that you do not have time for or possibly an area where you do not have expertise.
  • Sales management: With a full-time resource comes another thing to manage. This could either be something that you do not have time for or possibly an area where you do not have expertise.


2. Hire an independent contractor

The most cost effective way to hire someone to make my calls is to hire an independent contractor. This can be very inexpensive as you can usually get someone working on your behalf by providing a low hourly rate and possibly some minor performance incentives.

There are a few challenges with hiring independent contractors:

  • Productivity: In many scenarios, hiring an independent contractor usually involves hiring an individual that is going to work from home and make outbound calls. The key challenge with this is being able to manage productivity so that you are getting the work you are paying for.
  • Effectiveness: An independent contractor will be a more short-term solution and as a result, the resource will not have as much knowledge and experience with material that they are discussing. With this, it is realistic to have a concern with effectiveness of the resource.

3. Outsource cold calling

A good solution that is in between the two previously mentioned solutions for someone to make my calls is to outsource cold calling. It is more expensive than hiring an independent contractor as there is company that will be put in place to manage the resource and that comes with overhead. But it is typically not as expensive as hiring a full-time resource.

While productivity and effectiveness should be a concern regardless of the arrangement, with working with a sales outsourcer, there are typically tools, processes, and supervision in place to insure consistent performance in those two key areas.

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This article was published on Sunday 11 March, 2012.
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