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Three Options when You Need Cold Callers

Just about every sales organization needs cold callers and there are three different staffing options that are available to fill this need.

1. Hire Full-Time Sales Resources

The obvious and maybe most commonly used option is to hire full-time sales resources to perform the function of cold calling and generating leads. There are definitely distinct pros and cons with this option.

The benefits to having full-time sales resources to perform cold calling are primarily around the stability and duration in terms of the employment for the cold caller. There is always going to be a level of sales staff turnover, especially in the area of telesales, but when the cold caller is a full-time resource, there is a greater potential for the caller to work with the companies products for a longer period of time. This can help to create a scenario where there can be deeper and more productive sales training and development specifically in the area of product and company knowledge.The main cons to using full-time cold callers are centered around cost and effectiveness. When you factor in salaries, benefits, overhead, supervision ,recruiting, and training, having full-time and company badged sales resources to perform cold calling can be very expensive.In addition, cold calling is a fairly specialized skill and just because there is a structured and effective sales organization in place does not mean that the processes and knowledge are in place to manage cold callers.

2. Hire Independent Contractors

An option that is gaining in popularity is the option to hire independent contractors to perform cold calling. This would be to hire non-company badged resources to perform the function of cold calling on a project basis.

This option can sometimes be the lowest cost option and fit well for very small businesses or independent sales people. The downside to independent contractors are that you sometimes get what you pay for and this option can also be very costly in terms of the time that it takes to recruit, train, and manage independent contractor cold callers.


3. Contract a Sales Outsourcing Firm

Another option for securing cold callers is to use sales outsourcing to pass the function of cold calling and lead generation over to a service provider that performs that function as a core business. At first glance, this option could seem more expensive than hiring full-time sales resources but when you factor in equipment, real estate, supervision, systems, and more, it can actually be a more economical route.

Using cold calling services from a sales outsourcer can often be a more effective route as well as the service provider may have a higher level of skills and expertise in the area of cold calling. In many cases, the sales outsourcer will have better training around cold calling, more established cold calling processes, and better tactics that can be used to set appointments and generate leads.

Using cold calling and lead gen services is not always perfect as there are different some providers that deliver better results than others. You should interview your sales outsourcer in the same level of detail that you would interview sales resources that you would consider hiring.


Launch Pad Solutions provides cold calling services that offer cold callers to businesses.


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This article was published on Friday 11 May, 2012.
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