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Three Simple Steps to Get Healthier

For each of us to get healthier may be a tough task,  but it is not a complicated one.  There are three steps that we can take to improve our level of overall health.  These three steps are moving move, eating healthier, and supplementing what we put into our bodies.


Moving More
The first place to start with a project of getting healthier should start with moving more in terms of activity and exercise.  The ideal place where you would like to get to in terms of routine and lifestyle would be to exercise at least twenty to thirty minutes per day.  Studies have shown that by doing something like that everyday will deliver dramatics results on your level of healthiness.


Although, depending where you are today in terms of activity, trying to adopt a routine that involves exercise frequently and  for extended periods of time may be an extreme change.  The more extreme the change or transition this is can add to the level of resistance and reluctance, which can impact long-term adoption.


A way to minimize the resistance and improve adoption is to ease into a new lifestyle and this can be accomplished by simply moving more.  This can include anything from taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, parking in a spot that allows you to walk more to get where you are going, walking instead of driving when possible, or to simply walking around the block from time to time.  These subtle changes are stepping stones to help get you to a healthier lifestyle and the first step to get healthier.


Eating Healthier

Once you have started moving more, it is time to focus on what food you are putting into your body.  The best way to get healthier in the long-run is to adopt a lifestyle and processes that are practical and that you would able to live with.   This means that if there is a brutal diet that yields good results but it is dreadful on a daily basis, this could be something to use to make a quick change in the short-term but it might not be practical for a long-term basis as the ability to adopt and embrace it could be limited.


One way around this is to not completely deprive yourself from things you need and want.  Instead focus on consuming in moderation and eating smaller portions where needed to improve the quality of what you are putting into your body.  This will allow you to get healthier while maintaining a level of satisfaction, which can improve your ability to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


After you have minimized the items that you consume that are less healthy, it is time to improve the quality of the items that you eat on a daily basis.  This can involve shifting consumption to eating at home more, eating more fresh foods and vegetables, and minimizing the processed foods that you eat.  These changes will lead to a lifestyle that will help you to get healthier.


If you have successfully adopted a lifestyle where you move more and one where you are eating healthier, it could then be beneficial to supplement what the foods you are eating with vitamins and supplements.  Regardless of how healthy the foods are that you eat, it is likely that you will not be getting all the nutrients that you need to get healthier.  You can close any gaps by simply taking some supplements on a daily basis.


The challenge with supplements is that there are number of options and knowing what they do and which ones to take can be overwhelming.  One way to approach this is to take it one step at a time.  Research to find a supplement that  may be a good fit with what your needs.  Then incorporate that supplement to your routine and to your diet and once that becomes ingrained, look to go through the process again to add another one.


Launch Pad Solutions, LLC helps individuals to get healthier by providing guidance and support through life coaching.



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This article was published on Friday 11 December, 2009.
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