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Three Ways to Improve Phone Sales Calls Today

There are very clear and practical things that we do to immediately improve phone sales calls.  Some are outlined below:


1.  Improve Your Mind

Making sales calls over the phone can be a very mentally challenging and taxing activity.  With that being the case, we can improve not only our results, but also our stamina by taking some time and effort to improve our mind.  Improving your mind refers to going through some mental steps and exercises to improve your mental state and frame and this can have a positive impact on results.


One thing that we can do to improve our mind is to go through a mental exercise periodically to affirm ourselves on all of the great things that we have to offer the people that we call.  It is easy to feel like we need to sell something so when we cold call a prospect we can easily have a needy mental frame or mental state.


But if we stop and think about it, the products we sell offer some sort of business value to our clients.  If our products don’t, we have a bigger problem to deal with than trying to figure out how to improve our phone sales calls.  If we stop to think about this value, and think about the great qualities of our company and in our personal strengths as a sales professional, we can greatly improve our mind and our mental state.


2.  Improve Your Voice

One we have worked on improving our mind, we can move on to focus on improving our voice.  During phone sales calls, the only real thing that we have to communicate with are the words we say and the way we say them.  And it is important to be aware that the way we say our words is the much more important and impactful variable in that equation.  Supporting this is the saying that it is not what you say, but the way you say it that matters.  As result, improving your voice and tonality that can a large impact on your effectiveness selling over the phone.


There are some very clear things that we can do to improve our voice, but the good news is that half of the work is done when we spend time to improve our minds as being in a stronger mental state will come through in your voice and tonality when talking on the phone.


Another simple thing that we can do to improve our voice is to smile when we make phone sales calls.  It may sound like wasted effort since the people you are talking to cannot see you, but you can actually hear a difference when someone is smiling as they talk over the phone and this can have a positive impact on sales results.




3.  Invest in Cold Call Training

One of the great things about sales is that there are very specific things that we can do and not do to impact our results.  With that being the case, there can usually be a return on investment for time spent in the area of continuing to learn and there is cold call training can typically have an immediate impact on phone sales results.


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