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Ten Tips to Increase Your Sales

If you are a sales professional, finding a way to increase your sales has to be a top priority.  Some people will argue that being a good sales person is an inherent ability and you are either born with it or you aren’t.  Others believe that sales is a skill and it is something that can be learned and developed.  For those that believe that sales is something that can be learned and developed, below are some things that be done to improve sales performance.
Tip 1 – Getting more organized
Being organized will help one to be more efficient, effective, and focused.  From an efficiency standpoint, this will help save time.  Time is money and shaving time here and there by being more efficient will improve productivity, drive positive results, and increase your sales.

Tip 2 – Knowing your customer
The more you know about your customers, the more successful you will be.  Understanding their business, their drivers, and their critical issues is key to building relationships, finding opportunity, and being able to drive and mange sales cycles.Tip 3 – Knowing your competition
Just as it is important for you to know your customer, it is important for to know your competition.  Understanding who you are competing against and their strengths and weaknesses will help to develop your sales strategy.

Tip 4 – Effectively managing time

Time is money and the more effective you are at managing time, the more money you will make and the more successful you will increase your sales.  There are many responsibilities for the typical sales person – find new business, drive existing opportunities, manage existing accounts, research, and administrative tasks to name a few.  Being able to effectively manage our time so that everything we need to do gets the right amount of attention and focus can often help in the area of effectiveness and efficiency.

Tip 5 – Effectively Prospecting

Prospecting and finding new business is key to being able to increase your sales.  This could come from a mix of cold-calling, networking, lead generation, etc.
Tip 6 – Communicating Business Value

When you are talking to prospects on cold-calls, in meetings, and in emails, are you discussing how you can help them from a business value standpoint?  This is key as you can have the best products but if you can’t communicate how that will help a prospect to improve their business, you may be swimming up stream.

Tip 7 – Getting the most out of every interaction

Every interaction with a prospect is an opportunity to get information.  Information is knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Are you getting the most out of every call, every email, and every meeting?  This could be the difference when you try to increase your sales.

Tip 8 – Managing customer information

As we move through a sales cycle, there should be tremendous amount of information gathered.  The better we collect, manage, and utilize this information will have a direct impact on your success.  What type of tools are you using for customer relationship management?

Tip 9 – Staying focused

A typical sales role will include a sales quota and that will be annual and at most that will be divided into quarterly or monthly targets.  To increase your sales, you must stay focused on all of the minor tasks day in and day out to be successful with achieving the long-term goals.

Tip 10 – Continuing to learn

The biggest mistake we can make is to become complacent.  Regardless of how long we have been working for a company, working in an industry, or have been in sales in general, there is always room to improve and get better.  Find time to learn more about the products you sell, the companies you sell to, the competitors you compete against, the industry you operate in.  Also take time to learn about ways to improve your effectiveness as a sales person.  Continuing to learn is a key to being able to increase your sales.Click here to comment on this article.

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This article was published on Tuesday 27 October, 2009.
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