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Six Tips for Producing Good SEO Website Content

One of the most important factors in improving search engine optimization ranking is to consistently produce good SEO website content.  Below are tips that can be easily adopted to improve execution in this area.

1. Schedule Time

One of the most important tips for producing SEO content is to schedule time during the week to actually work on producing content.  Not only can working on website content sometimes not be the most fun business activity, but we can often find ourselves busy with other activities and if we never schedule time to work on this, we will not produce the amount of content we are capable of producing.


2. Pick a Relevant Topic

It should not be a new tip to say that the content produced should revolve around a topic that is relevant or related to the products and services that you sell.  Although, what could be new or useful is how to arrive at that topic and that is to reflect on recent weeks and think about something specific that happened with regard to the selling, delivery, or use of your products or services.  Ideally this would be some way that business value was delivered and this can be the core topic that the SEO website content is built around.

3. Identify a Keyword Phrase

Once you have the topic, you will want to identify the keyword phrase that you want to get the SEO website content to rank on.  In most cases, this will be different or a slight variation of the topic that you start out with.  The two things you want to look at when selecting the right phrase is how often the phrase is searched and how many other businesses are trying to rank on it.



4. Breakdown the Topic

Once you have the topic and you have the keyword phrase, you will likely have a blank piece of paper that you now need to fill in.  A great way to start is by breaking down the topic right away by outlining subsections that you can write about that support the main topic.  Not only will listing out four or five subsections make it easier to write SEO website content, but the end result will be more appealing to the readers as they can more easily scan your article.


5. Manage the Keyword Density Ratio

As you produce your content, you will want to manage the keyword density ratio.  This is the number of times that the keyword phrase appears in the article compared to the total number words.  The search engines scan the document and use this ratio to figure out what the article is about.  If you want the search engines to send users to your site for a particular phrase, you need to try to use a ratio that will make them link the page to the keyword phrase.

6. Content Management System

This tip may be unnecessary, but if you are actively producing website content, then it can be very helpful to have some sort of formal system to publish and manage that content.  There are content management systems (CMS) that websites can be built on top of and trying to produce content without this would create more work than is necessary.



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This article was published on Saturday 23 July, 2011.
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