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Ten Useful Cold Calling Tips (Part I)

When making cold calls, working hard and making a high volume of calls does not necessarily lead to success.  With that being the case, there are clear things that we can do to improve results and those are outlined below in the following cold call tips.


1.    Use a Cold Call Script

While it is easy for us to think that we don’t need a script when cold calling, using some sort of cold call script can greatly improve results.  This does not necessarily need to be a detailed script that we read verbatim, but at least some sort of outline or guide for what we want to say, ask, and accomplish during the call will greatly improve our performance.


2.    Always Confirm Availability

At the being of each cold call, we should always confirm that the prospect is available for our call.  Just about everybody we call will be busy when they answer the phone.  We need to be sure to identify if they are “normal busy” or if they are “crazy busy”.  If they are crazy busy, we do not want to try to proceed with the cold call.

This is one of the cold call tips should probably go without saying but it is very common for us to flow through a cold call and skip this step.


3.    Name Drop

When someone answers our cold call, they are instantly trying to determine if we are a “friend” or if we are a “foe”.  A friend would be someone that is either on the inside of the organization or somehow already connected with it.  A foe would be someone who is on the outside trying to get in.

If we are cold calling, we are likely to be more of a foe than friend.  By using one of the cold call tips of name dropping, we can sometimes present ourselves more as a friend to the person on the other end of the phone.


4.    Have a Value Statement

One of the most important cold call tips is to have a very clear and powerful value statement when making cold calls.  A value statement is a one to two sentence statement that clearly communicates the value that you deliver to your clients.  The value statement can be used at the beginning of the cold call, as well as throughout as a response to different objections, and the goal of using it is to give the prospect the reason why they should spend two to five minutes talking with you.

A powerful value statement could mention other clients that you have that are able to be referenced.  In addition, if you can include some rough quantifiable figures for how you helped them, you will stand well to get the prospect’s attention.





5.    Give Pain to Get Pain

One of the most important things to accomplish during the cold call is to uncover some pain.  The reason this is so important is that if there is no pain, there ultimately is no reason to change.

Finding pain is one of those cold call tips that may be easier said than done.  But one way to improve the ability to uncover pain is by sharing pain that you have observed in the past to the prospect and use that as a lead to see if they have experienced anything similar.


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This article was published on Sunday 22 May, 2011.
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