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Ten Useful Cold Calling Tips (Part II)

When making cold calls, working hard  and making a high volume of calls does not necessarily lead to success.  With that being the case, there are clear things that we can do to improve results and those are outlined below in the following cold call tips.


6.    Prepare for Objections

We are guaranteed to encounter objections on every cold call we make.  An objection from a sales prospect is an attempt on their part to either slow the call down or try to bring it to an end.  Examples of this are when they say they are not available, they are not interested, they are not looking to make a change, etc.  By being prepared for objections, we can greatly increase our odds of successful cold calling.

The good thing about objections is that there are really only a handful of objections that will consistently come up.  With that being the case, we can script out the best responses and build an objections map which we can then use as a guide while making cold calls.


7.    Research Prior to the Call

Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you can demonstrate on a cold call, the more you will stand to have a successful conversation.  The type of knowledge to display is knowledge about the sales prospect, knowledge about their business, and knowledge about their industry.  Performing any necessary research before the cold call is one of the cold call tips that can improve results.


8.    Focus on Improving Your Voice

When cold calling, the words you say and the voice you use are the only ways that you have to communicate.  With that being the case, your voice is very important.  And based on the saying, “It’s not what you say but how you say it”, the voice and tonality that you use could actually be the most important factor.

With that being the case, one of the cold call tips is to focus on improving your voice while making cold calls.  You want to sound friendly, yet confident, with a decent level of energy.





9.    Qualify the Prospect

Time is one of the only non-renewable resources that we have as a sales person.  We can go to the store to buy more materials or supplies, we can go to the bank to borrow more money, but we can never get back time wasted or add more time to the week.  With that being the case, we must make sure that we are spending our valuable time with the right prospects and opportunities.


By effectively qualifying the prospects and sales opportunities that we work on, we can ensure that we minimize the time that could be potentially wasted on low probability deals.  Asking qualifying questions is one of the cold call tips that will help to improve results.


10.    Focus on Getting to a First Conversation

When making cold calls, it can be easy to try to accomplish our ultimate goal of selling something.  But the fact is that the cold call is not the place to try to close a deal.  The real goal of a cold call should be to get to the first conversation and that is what we should focus on.



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This article was published on Thursday 26 May, 2011.
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